5 Simple Warehouse Errors to Avoid

1. Not optimising picking paths

Picking paths are one of the most significant tasks in your warehouse in terms of cost-cutting. If your warehouse picking paths are not optimised it slows down your warehouses picking time. The picking time may not appear to be a significant issue but over time it can impact the time it takes to ship an order from the warehouse. The more time that is spent picking goods the more cost it is to your business. It is important to give warehouse workers a strategic picking path to achieve a high efficiency. One of the best ways to sort a picking path is in the initial warehouse designing phase.

2. Lack of health and safety management

You may think your warehouse is safe, but how long has it been since your warehouse was last audited? Damaged racking is dangerous and can lead to significant expense in either racking repairs or employee injuries.

The top 10 hazards within the warehouse include:

  • the storage and racking
  • manual handling
  • lack of education around warehouse equipment
  • fires
  • falling objects
  • harmful substances
  • heavy equipment
  • working at heights
  • ergonomics
  • slips and trips

Find out more about the top 10 warehouse OH&S issues here.

3. No staff development

When was the last training session for your warehouse staff? Your answer may be the excuse of busy schedules and budget constraints. But have your really considered the cost of not engaging in staff development and training for the warehouse?

Training has many benefits and it can lead to improved operations and staff performance. Staff training is essential in some high-risk environments and can’t be avoided. By cutting back on staff training it can lead to disengaged employees, a lower performance rate in the warehouse and the possibility of a higher employee turnover.

4. Not paying attention to housekeeping 

Along with all the tasks of a warehouse worker in a day, the picking, and shipping of goods, it can be easy for general housekeeping to be forgotten or placed at the bottom of a task list. Any warehouses with unused pallets in aisles, wrapping lying around and messy shipping zones are a clear sign that your warehouse needs a tidy.

A messy warehouse doesn’t just pose a safety threat to staff but it also impacts on the performance of your operations. Unused objects within the picking zone slow down the picking rate. To overcome this issue allocate a time each or even several times a day to tidy the warehouse, this then allows each staff shift to arrive in a tidy environment.

5. Keeping excess stock 

Keeping a balance of stock in your warehouse is not an easy task. The stocking of excess stock is still a very common error that is made in warehousing today. It may seem a good idea to make purchases from your supplier to get the bulk discounts although this can potentially leave your business with excess stock. It is a good idea to reduce your stock levels to the lowest possible, this helps with a lean supply chain and less money that is tied up in stock. It may be a better option when making purchases from your supplier to get them to send it in smaller batches as they are needed.

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