3 June 2016

A Design Checklist – Commercial Storage Systems

When planning the most effective commercial storage systems for your business, choosing the right design for your pallet racking system is essential. The right design will impact on operational efficiency and ensure your warehouse or storage facility will maximise its potential. As a result, you will save time, hassle and importantly – money – if you get it right the first time.

When working with companies that provide storage systems or storage solutions, there are a few points, which should be discussed, in the early stages. Most companies will develop detailed AutoCAD drawings to address your storage requirements.
Warehouse Equipment - Commercial Storage Systems

Commercial Storage Systems Checklist

Here is a quick checklist to cover some of the considerations for your company at design stage. In short, it will help to make sure you have thought about the design carefully and from a variety of angles.

Product Mix & Throughout

What is the type and mix of warehouse storage equipment you require?
Think closely about your product range – for instance; size, weight, height, hazards?
Have you considered your product movement cycles, likewise planning for seasonal variations, changes in stock movement?

Stock Handling

Do items need to go through quality assurance processes, repacking or attribute capture during their movement?
Are there any specific requirements for hazardous materials?
Are there specific industry requirements for stock handling that need to be considered in the design process?

Design Layout

What are some of the different zones that your warehouse may need? For instance, you can break them down into operational areas and locations. Segment stock by characteristics to assist with placing them into zones - for example; freezer/ bulky/ Selective Pallet Racking.
Operational areas - consider in light of the type of equipment and tasks required of each zone?
Hazardous materials – any additional requirements?

Labour & Workflow

What is the layout of aisles and pallets - how does this impact on the process of the workflow?
What are the travel paths for staff within the facility?
Have you done any labour planning to consider the impact of this on workflow? Are staff carrying out their duties in the most efficient way?
Have you considered the safety parameters of your layout? Are they worksafe ready?

Engineering & Equipment Considerations

How much floor space is available for your pallet racking?
How high are your ceilings?
What type of equipment will you be using? What is their lift height and operating requirements?
Sizes of the pallets required and type?
Of course, any seasoned professional in the design of commercial storage systems would be able to assist you with considering all of these points, and may potentially have a further list of factors to discuss – depending on your industry. A good design approach is both thorough and two-way, a partnership that will ensure your storage systems are built to help grow your business.

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