9 October 2015

Synergy - Storage Solution

Storage Solution for Synergy in Kwinana, WA.
The merge between major energy players Synergy and Verve (now under Synergy) resulted in a business-driven strongly by commercial and financial outcomes. This propelled the decision to combine 2 existing Warehouse Operations (Kwinana and Kewdale) into one location. As a result, this would create economies of scale and further efficiencies for Synergy.

The Kwinana warehouse was selected, and a timeline of 6 weeks was decided.

Project Requirements

Synergy required a Warehouse Storage Solution Partner who would guarantee project delivery within the expected timeframe. In addition, to ensuring that there was minimal disruption to operations during the merge process. It was also important that there was minimal reduction in overall stock holding.

Being a large and complex business, with many stakeholders, regular and clear project communication was essential to Synergy. They highly valued having a sense of assurance around the quality of the project as a whole, from the overall planning process down to the team managing the on-site work.

The Abbott Approach

Synergy chose Abbott Storage Systems to work with themselves due to our client-focused approach. As well as the ability to provide uniquely innovative solutions. The dedication of Abbott’s was to maximise the potential of the current infrastructure and equipment whilst providing a configuration that would support long-term growth.

The design of the Kwinana Warehouse layout and configuration was to utilise the existing material handling equipment (forklifts) from Kewdale. This also enabled the reduction of the aisles in width for the addition of more rows. Consequently, increasing the pallet holding capacity of the warehouse by around 70%.

To assist with minimising disruption and ensuring efficiencies, all existing racking was traded in, and a new fit out installed. This enabled Abbott’s to stage the new installation within the Kwinana site before any effect to Kewdale (no interruption to Kewdale operation) and minimal impact to the operations at Kwinana.

Abbott Storage Systems maintained flexibility throughout the project, and worked around Synergy’s timing. Following completion of the new installation, Synergy moved stock from Kewdale to Kwinana at their own manageable pace. This was before the return of Abbott to Kewdale to dismantle and remove the existing racking, and clear the site. Communication, between all levels of stakeholders, was consistent throughout the project. This ensured clarity and regular focus on key milestones.

Delivering a Trusted Storage Solution

As a result of a great working partnership, Synergy has used Abbott Storage Systems for a number of other projects. This includes across sites located in Kewdale, Pinjar and Kwinana.

Abbott’s is excited, and proud, to be delivering a trusted storage solution for such an iconic West Australian brand.
Read the article published in the MHD Supply Chain Solutions Magazine

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