What are the Different Racking Aisle Spaces?

When planning out your warehouse layout and design it can be just as important to plan out your racking aisle space as it is to plan the type of racking you will install. The aisles in a warehouse are known as the space between the racks. This is where the workers and machinery can move through. The aisles spaces in your racking will impact on the flow of the warehouse. As well as, the machinery that can be used within the warehouse.

Don’t know what the best option is for your warehouse aisle spaces or simply want to understand the different racking aisle spaces? The below guide sets out the three different types available.

Narrow Aisle

Narrow aisles between the racking structure of a warehouse have both advantages and disadvances to any warehouse. The narrow aisle layout is great for a warehouse that is tight for space. Smaller aisles mean that there is less room available for machinery and workers to access the items in the aisle although the benefit is that more can be stored in the racking.

Wide Aisle

Wide racking aisles are the most common form of aisles in any warehouse. The gap in the racking is wide enough to allow workers and machinery to easily pass through, allowing for multiple workers and machinery to be in the same aisle simultaneously. Racking with wide aisles is a great option for any warehouse that has high machinery traffic, has multiple workers and machinery down one aisle at a time and warehouse space is not an issue.

Very Narrow Aisle

Very narrow aisles make maximum use of the floor space within the warehouse. Access to the racking system is through forklifts that are designed to suit the small racking aisle layout. The very narrow aisle layout means that your warehouse storage will be denser so that you can store more inventory in your warehouse.

Every warehouse is different and has different requirements, with so many choices to make it can be difficult to know the best and most effective racking aisle space to put in your warehouse. Contact us today to help with choosing the correct aisle option.

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