Do you really need to expand your warehouse?

The storage space in your warehouse has a direct impact on the performance of your supply chain. When warehouse space becomes an issue, it doesn’t always mean that you need to find a larger warehouse.

A warehouse relocation is a massive undertaking in expense and downtime for any business whether small or large. It is best to assess the options of adjustments to the current warehouse space before deciding on a warehouse move. If storage space requirements have not escalated, then engaging in a larger warehouse could result in decreased cost efficiencies in the warehouse. This is especially the case when the storage space is being under-utilised. Find out what to assess before deciding on a warehouse relocation.

Increasing the storage space within your warehouse will be dependent on many aspects such as the stored items, inventory levels and age of the current racking structure. Warehouse Design Consultants provide assistance and professional advise on the warehouse space options.

Additional Floor Space

Raised Storage Area

Within some warehouses it is possible to add an additional floor level. This is entirely dependent on the structure and layout of the current warehouse. Adding an additional level to a warehouse can use up the vertical space within a warehouse that is not currently being utilised. It is an option to increasing the warehouse storage capacity without having to move to an alternative warehouse.

Decrease Aisle Widths

Narrow Aisle Racking

It is possible to increase the number of pallet spaces available in a warehouse by altering the aisle widths. The aisles can be changed from a traditional width to a narrow aisle to accommodate additional bays of racking and or shelving. This option could involve needing to replace warehouse equipment that works in with narrow aisles.

Modify Your Storage Type

Types of Racking

Instead of adjusting the aisle widths within the warehouse or in addition to the racking or shelving structure that is within the warehouse could be modified to increase the levels that can be stored within the structure.

There are many options for warehouse storage such as Selective Pallet Racking, Double Deep Pallet Racking, Drive-In Racking and Cantilever Racking.

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