Kent Removals & Storage

Kent is a Australian, family operated and owned company that specialise in assisting Australians moving and provide a safe and secure storage solution. With beginnings in 1946, they have given assistance to Australians moving around to corner to across the world for over 70 years. Kent also has international connections to assist those undergoing an international move. A company established on excellence, they have helped over a million people relocate.

With expansion for Kent in Western Australia on the horizon it meant that a new warehouse had to be set up to cater for the growing demand. The location of the new warehouse is in the industrial park of Welshpool – Western Australia. 

Being a storage company they required a full enclosed secured caged area that would contain goods stored in quarantine. The pallet racking storage system would storage any miscellaneous items less than a container load safely and securely, with containers being loaded into the open areas of the warehouse.

With multiple trades working within the warehouse at any given time as the racking installation was underway, it required coordination in order to minimise interruption between trades working onsite at the same time. Abbott arranged the installation team to keep within the storage system designated area to avoid any hindrances to other work going on onsite. 

From the initial design consultation session, Abbott worked closely with Kent Storage to gain an understanding of the storage requirements Kent had in order to provide a storage solution that would last well into the future. 
After the plans were completed and an order was raised, Abbott was provided with a needed completion date of the 14th of March 2018. The racking installation and caged area was installed in under 3 days to meet the deadline. 

The operations team at Kent Storage & Removals were pleased with the storage system and service provided by Abbott.

Abbott had the ability to coordinate the racking installation in a very short time frame. They met and exceeded all the deadlines required and our expectations. We are very pleased with the racking system that they have installed for us at Kent Storage.

Gordon Lentz – State Manager | Kent Removals & Storage

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