Longspan Components Glossary

Do you know the Longspan Components that make up a shelving system?

Longspan shelving is also known as Open Span Shelving, Heavy Duty Shelving, Boltless Shelving, Storage Shelving, Garage Shelving, Warehouse Shelving and many other names. It is an ideal storage solution for almost any warehouse that requires a medium duty storage system. Being an extremely versatile storage system this means that it can be used in both domestic and commercial settings. In order to understand if it is the best fit for your needs, below is a coverage the basic parts of Longspan components and other terms. Refer to the below diagrams for the explanation of Lonspan Components.

Longspan Components

End Frames

A main part of Longspan components is the End Frame is also often refered to as the Upright Frame. It consists of horizontal and diagonal bracing that is bolted between two posts. The beams are then connected to the posts to hold the load on the beam in place. The posts come in a variety of heights and depths to suit any warehouse, find our standard range of frame heights and depths here. The frames provide a connection point for adding bay extensions.

Stepped Beams

The beam of a Longspan unit is a horizontal part, which has a role of holding the load placed in the racking. The securing of the beams to the frames are with the use of a beam clip. Longspan Beams are available in a variety of lengths and profiles, view our standard range here. The horizontal Beams connect to each of the uprights and determine the length of the bay. Together with uprights they are the means by which the Longspan shelving units can be extended.
The stepped beam is a recessed beam, so that a shelf can be fitted between two beams on the same shelf level.


Internal Shelves sit inside two beams of the same beam level and in between two uprights. It is here that you place your storage items. Being a medium duty storage system, it is ideal for the storage of lightweight and unpalletised goods. Shelves for Longspan shelving include; 18mm Particle Board, Steel Shelf Panels and Wire Shelf Panels.

Particle Board

Steel Shelf Panels

Wire Shelf Panels

Board Supports

Where the depth of the Longspan shelving system is 900mm, board supports are a Longspan component that is used to support the 18mm Particle Board shelf levels. The Board Supports prevent the board from sagging due to exposure to moisture or continuous weight loads. The supports are designed to maintain the load capacity of the beam, not increase the safe work load capacity.

Post End Cap

These caps slot into the posts of our Longspan shelving. This Longspan component provides a safety cap for the top of the post.
They are an optional component to use with our upright posts. Its used is to protect against any possible sharp edge that may be left on the top of the upright post. The cap simply pushes on to fit and it can be easily removed again.

Other Longspan Terms

Initial Bay

An Initial Bay is also known as a Starter bay, it can either be a standalone unit or it can have Add-On Bays connected to it to extend the system.

Add-On Bay

Also known as joiner bays, before purchasing Add-On Bays you need to have an Initial Bay. It is an extension to your Starter Bay.

With the explanations and diagrams above you should be competant in all the parts and Longspan components.

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