The Benefits of a Pallet Cage

What Are Pallet Cages?

There are many Pallet Cage benefits for their use in the warehouse. Cages are materials handling equipment that is designed for the transportation and storage of goods. Particularly goods that don’t store well on a standard pallet. A Cage provides protection and safety to the goods stored within the cage.

Pallet Cage Benefits

Steel Cage Includes Hardwood Pallet Collapsed

Space Saving

In the range of Cages that we provide there is the option for collapsible Clamp On Cages. One of the main pallet cage benefits is that they provide a great option for space saving when not in use. All Cages are able to be stacked on a racking system. This is either as full or empty units.

Safety & Protection

In order to keep goods safe in a warehouse, then a cage is a great option. A cage reduces the risk of damage to items within it.

PS73202 Clamp on Cage 900H with Hardwood Pallet
Pallet Cage Benefits - Stacked Pallet Cages


Another of the Pallet Cage benefits is that through the use of stacking cages, it reduces the need for a racking system. On the other hand the cages are a great addition to a racking structure. Either option, cages provide a way of saving space in your warehouse.​


Constructed from a variety of materials, the cages can either come as a wood or metal base. The base type would depend on your specific warehouse requirements. The metal cages are constructed from steel and galvanised, this is to prevent rusting to the units. With this durability it means that one of the pallet cage benefits is that they a great cost effective storage option for your warehouse.​​

Move-ability & Handling

Cages provide an easy form of transportation of goods. Using the forklift access points they can be maneuvered around a warehouse, in a easy and safe manner.

Our Range of Pallet Cages

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