Different Types of Racking – What to Consider

When it comes to warehouse storage, it is useful to have an understanding of the various types of racking systems available to you, and their general application in a commercial storage facility.

The following guide is designed to give you a brief overview of some key features of each type of rack style. However, it is always recommended to speak with a storage systems specialist. So as to ensure your warehouse design meets your business needs.


The most versatile choice, Selective Pallet Racking is popular as it provides high selectivity to every pallet position – meaning you can have as many SKU’s as you have pallet positions. It is available in various heights and depths, in addition to double deep systems, and it is fairly easy to change the storage mix.

It also requires a lower investment than other racking and provides a durable solution. Therefore it is perfect for products with no expiration date or even fast moving products.


Selective Pallet Racking requires numerous aisles. As well as, it also has lower storage density than other types and alternatives.


Cantilever Racking is a cost effective system designed for products that are long, irregular and awkwardly shaped. Likewise, they are ideal for storing non-standard sized items, such as tubing, doors, and packs of timber or furniture. They can also store products vertically, up to around 6 metres high. The design of Cantilever Racking can help productivity when dealing with long loads, as the stock is more accessible.

Cantilever Racking is relatively easy to install and reconfigure. Additional arms can be added to allow storage of any shaped item. Similarly, these arms can be customised by the angle and load retention required for your facility.


Cantilever Racking requires a larger capital investment in the install and design phase. It is not ideal for storing pallets, and above all it is important to remember that the correct aisle space is required in between racks.


Drive In Racks and Drive Through Racks work well for items and pallets that are very uniform in size and have a longer life in storage. They are designed to store pallets that are two, three or more deep. So, as a result it offers a greater storage density than selective racks.

Drive In Racks and Drive Through Racks offer excellent space utilisation. Consequently they can reduce the overall square footage requirements.


This system of racking offers less, but less selectivity than other alternatives, that is to say that immediate access is harder. It is better suited to products which are stored in sufficient volume – in short it is not suiting to all industries.

Other Storage Types Overview

There are a number of other storage options available, for instance:

  • heavy duty open span shelving,
  • rolled upright shelving and,
  • raised storage areas.

These can sit alongside your racking to create a space that supports your business processes and productivity.

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