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Mercury is a naturally occurring element. There is global concern on the impact of mercury in the environment. Best Mercury Technology – BMT began in 1991 in the Netherlands. Since their beginnings BMT has been providing solutions to the global oil and gas and petrochemical industries. They are a leading company in mercury waste management, specialising in purifying, treating and recycling mercury contaminated waste substances.

BMT had been planning to extend their global footprint and build their third treatment facility. This would be located in Kwinana – Western Australia. The facility would process a variety of wastes contaminated with mercury. Completion of the construction of the facility was in late 2018. The warehouse building would store the incoming waste before going to treatment. As well as, any minor chemicals and equipment to support the operations of BMT.

The Solution - Pallet Racking WA

The supply of the Selective Pallet Racking system to BMT was in accord with the regulations, standards and guidelines. Given the nature of the element that BMT are storing. They had additional regulation as a result of the storage of Mercury in the warehouse. For instance, the below list outlines regulations surrounding BMT and the storage of Mercury:

  • Waste is to be handled according to the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004,
  • Storage of the stable form of mercury will be as powder in drums within the warehouse building, and
  • The warehouse has impermeable floors and the design was so that liquids are unable leave the buildings.

The Pallet Racking System installed in Kwinana, WA consisted of 39 Selective Pallet Racking Bays, successfully installed within the client timeframe.

The project management team at Abbott Storage Systems oversaw the design, supply and install of the pallet racking. Standing by our tagline of Delivering Trusted Solutions once again we delivered a racking system on time and on budget. Overall BMT were impressed with the racking fitout in their Kwinana warehouse. Their warehouse was able to fully operational by mid-March 2019.

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