Temco Distributors Pty Ltd

Abbott Storage Systems supplied Temco with a Pallet Racking System for their warehouse in Welshpool – Western Australia.

Set up in 1983, Temco has evolved to become a leader in supplying abrasive blast cleaning and spray painting equipment to the West Australian market.
Standing by their promises they provide:

  • only the best equipment available,
  • work in closely with their clients in order to fully understand their requirements,
  • in addition to, constantly looking around for the latest equipment and technology and ensuring that their operations function in an environmentally way.

Temco engaged in consultation sessions with various racking suppliers within the area. As the partner with for their new storage system, Temco made Abbott Storage Systems their selection. Temco provided Abbott with a suggested layout. After that, Abbott’s in-house team of design consultants came together to draft a plan of the racking layout. Creating a racking layout design to work well into the future, basing the design on the requirements of Temco currently and future years.

The re-certification of the racking system in the previous warehouse was not possible due to its age. As a result, this meant that the installation was a new pallet racking system in the Welshpool warehouse. Various quotes were obtained with different lead times and pricing for the supply and installation of the warehouse racking structure. Abbott was able to provide all components within the desired timeline at a fair price.

Pallet Racking, Welshpool

With a new year it also brought a new warehouse for Temco Distributors in Welshpool, Western Australia. The warehouse racking installation started in mid-January 2019. With the fit-out completed by the 23rd of January available and ready for Temco to relocate into. The installation of the racking was in compliance with all relevant Australian Standards and regulations.

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