Parts Trays & Picking Bins What Is The Difference?

For the storage of Small Parts often Picking Bins or Parts Trays are used. They are two different options, both an effective means of storage. Sometimes the words are used interchangebly, by being able to recoginse the different will help with the purchase of the correct small parts storage. Use our guide below to find out the best small parts storage option for your requirements.

Uses & Features

Parts Trays

PL32010 Parts Tray 315D x 100W x 110H

Parts Trays are ideal when integrating with a Shelving System such as Rolled Upright (RUT) Shelving. The trays can be used to store small parts an components in an organised manner. 

Features & Specifications

  • Trays depths include standard sizes to suit 300mm, 400mm and 600mm deep Rolled Upright Shelving.
  • Integral back stop which allows for the clear viewing of parts tray contents.
  • Dividers are notched to ensure positive location within the parts tray, they are adjustable within the divider slots on the Parts Tray. 
  • Trays feature a small handle to allow maximum area on the front face for fitting adhesive labels.
  • Dividers are included with the Parts Trays and additional ones can be purchased.
  • The dividers lock into position
  • Allows for high density storage of small parts.

Picking Bins

Picking Bins

Picking Bins are designed to either hang on louvered panels or sit on a shelf to allow you to quickly and easily find small parts in your workshop, shed, warehouse, van or even your toolbox.

Features & Specifications

  • Large front surface area for the use of an adhesive label, barcode or location marking.
  • No catch points for dirt or dust. They are easy to clean, simply wipe clean.
  • Small parts from within the bin are easily taken out.
  • Picking bins up to 300mm depth are ideal for shelves or louvre panels.
  • Picking Bins include a handle for easy removal from shelf.

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