Open Span Shelves

Quantity of shelf types required per beam level of each beam length.

Product CodeImageNameSuits Frame Depth900W1200W1500W1800W2400WPrice EaAdd to Cart QtyBuy
OS42310Particle Board Shelf 1190W x 405DParticle Board Shelf 1190W x 405D4501$13.53 inc. GST
OS42370Particle Board Shelf 1190W x 555DParticle Board Shelf 1190W x 555D6001$16.94 inc. GST
OS42430Particle Board Shelf 1190W x 855DParticle Board Shelf 1190W x 855D9001$24.09 inc. GST
OS42320Particle Board Shelf 1490W x 405DParticle Board Shelf 1490W x 405D4501$19.25 inc. GST
OS42380Particle Board Shelf 1490W x 555DParticle Board Shelf 1490W x 555D6001$23.10 inc. GST
OS42440Particle Board Shelf 1490W x 855DParticle Board Shelf 1490W x 855D9001$32.12 inc. GST
OS42330Particle Board Shelf 1790W x 405DParticle Board Shelf 1790W x 405D4501$21.45 inc. GST
OS42390Particle Board Shelf 1790W x 555DParticle Board Shelf 1790W x 555D6001$24.09 inc. GST
OS42450Particle Board Shelf 1790W x 855DParticle Board Shelf 1790W x 855D9001$37.18 inc. GST
OS42350Particle Board Shelf 2390W x 405DParticle Board Shelf 2390W x 405D4501$23.10 inc. GST
OS42410Particle Board Shelf 2390W x 555DParticle Board Shelf 2390W x 555D6001$29.48 inc. GST
OS42470Particle Board Shelf 2390W x 855DParticle Board Shelf 2390W x 855D9001$46.20 inc. GST
OS42300Particle Board Shelf 890W x 405DParticle Board Shelf 890W x 405D4501$11.44 inc. GST
OS42360Particle Board Shelf 890W x 555DParticle Board Shelf 890W x 555D6001$13.64 inc. GST
OS42420Particle Board Shelf 890W x 855DParticle Board Shelf 890W x 855D9001$18.92 inc. GST
OS42480Steel Shelf Panel 150W x 405DSteel Shelf Panel 150W x 405D45068101216$4.18 inc. GST
OS42490Steel Shelf Panel 150W x 555DSteel Shelf Panel 150W x 555D60068101216$5.06 inc. GST
OS42500Steel Shelf Panel 150W x 855DSteel Shelf Panel 150W x 855D90068101216$6.93 inc. GST
OS42560Wire Shelf Panel 600W x 405DWire Shelf Panel 600W x 405D450233$9.68 inc. GST
OS42570Wire Shelf Panel 600W x 555DWire Shelf Panel 600W x 555D600233$12.87 inc. GST
OS42580Wire Shelf Panel 600W x 855DWire Shelf Panel 600W x 855D900233$16.61 inc. GST

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