Pallet Jacks

Our range of Pallet Jacks include manual and battery as well as Hi Skid Lifters.


All Pallet Jacks and Hi Skid Lifters have a 12 month warranty.

Complete Solutions

Our Pallet Jacks and Hi Skid Lifters are sure to suit your warehouse requirements.

Types of Pallet Jacks

Standard Pallet Jacks

Easy access entry and exit wheels make maneuverability a breeze, and highly rotating steer and load wheels make tight spaces so simple. Wheels and rollers are what we do best, so you can trust that you are getting only the best components. Not only that, but we always have replacement parts in stock. They are a standard part of our range.

The hydraulics in our standard pallet jack are of the highest quality, built to withstand the rigors of every day use.

MH51100 Standard Pallet Jack
MH52100 Narrow Pallet Jack

Narrow Pallet Jack

Features include:

High-quality hydraulics
Huge 2500kgs Safe Working Load
Strong, reinforced steel construction
Easy access entry and exit rollers
Ergonomic handle
Easy to use release lever
Designed specifically for Australian hardwood pallets
So simple to operate – and always ready to go!

Low Profile Pallet Jacks

The Pallet Jack Low Profile is used to lift and transports skids and packs with a small clearance. The forks have a lowered height of 55mm and have the same rugged construction as all our Pallet Trucks. They are not suitable for use on Australian Hardwood pallets.

MH53100 Pallet Jack Low Profile
MH55100 Pallet Jack Semi Electric Walk Behind

Pallet Jack Semi Electric Walk Behind

Compact design for use in confined spaces, such as narrow aisled retailed stores and warehouses, this electric driven pallet truck significantly reduces operator strain in continuous or hard to move operations. Ideal for transport and logistic trucks with tail gates to move loads around and maximise productivity. Our Pallet Jack Semi Electric Walk Behind behind pallet truck comes with an inbuilt charge, powerful traction, industry leading hydraulic pump and an emergency brake.

Hi Skid Lifters

Our Hi Skid Lifters are designed to lift open floored pallets and stillages and are not suitable for Australian hardwood pallets. The real advantage is that the forks can be lifted to bench height greatly facilitating the load/unload function. The material handling process is heavily dependent on operator comfort and ease of operation, our Hi Lift Skid Lifter reduces the operator’s need to bend whilst maintaining simple safe operation. Correctly positioning work surfaces via a control lever and foot pump for fast easy lifting to minimise back strain. A simple rugged and multifunctional machine.

MH59010 Hi Lift Skid Lifter with Standard Foot Pump


Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
MH51100Standard Pallet JackStandard Pallet Jack$582.23 inc. GST
MH52100Narrow Pallet JackNarrow Pallet Jack$582.23 inc. GST
MH51200Standard Pallet Jack GalvanisedStandard Pallet Jack Galvanised$582.23 inc. GST
MH53100Pallet Jack Low ProfilePallet Jack Low Profile$830.04 inc. GST
MH55100Pallet Jack Semi Electric Walk BehindPallet Jack Semi Electric Walk Behind$4,728.93 inc. GST

Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
MH59010Hi Lift Skid Lifter with Standard Foot PumpHi Lift Skid Lifter with Standard Foot Pump$1,734.54 inc. GST
MH59020Hi Lift Skid Lifter with Narrow Foot PumpHi Lift Skid Lifter with Narrow Foot Pump$1,744.14 inc. GST

Why Abbott Storage Systems?


With over 70% of workplace injuries being due to hazardous manual handling, providing an accessible pallet management solution has never been more imperative.  The Standard Pallet Jack is an outstanding choice for any warehouse, loading bay or workplace committed to health and safety. Just take a look at the ergonomic handle, easy to use release lever and high-quality rollers, and you can see why.

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