Stillages are a raised platform that is mostly fitted with a cage or sides. It is an ideal materials handling equipment in the warehouse for the transportation and storage of stock.


A stillage can collapse, to enables you to save space in your warehouse or workshop. This not only saves space when they are not in use, but also improves transportation costs.

Product Use

A stillage can either be used in a Selective Pallet Racking system or they can be used as stand alone units. The stacking of stillages provides a space saving solution. The easy transport of a stillage around the warehouse is using the two point forklift and pallet truck access.

Stillages Sizes

Product CodeImageNamePriceQuantityBuy
PS73603Collapsible Mesh CageCollapsible Mesh Cage$292.93 inc. GST
PS73800Stackable StillageStackable Stillage$374.66 inc. GST
PS73301715H Galvanised Stillage715H Galvanised Stillage$553.19 inc. GST
PS733001000H Galvanised Stillage1000H Galvanised Stillage$608.52 inc. GST
PS737001000H Double Width Galvanised Stillage1000H Double Width Galvanised Stillage$1,380.39 inc. GST

Why Abbott Storage Systems?


They are fully tested and certified to the Australian Standard, we ensure that they comply with the quality and compliance standards.


They were designed with safety in mind, to help minimise safety issues in the warehouse. The cages are an ideal way to secure store loose stock and to transport it safely.

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