Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking is an easy and effective time-saving solution for storing pallets and large items. Ensure easy access to your goods with pallet shelving.

Design Consultation

We prepare space consultancy and warehouse fit-out designs for Pallet Racking solutions, tailored to each individual clients requirements.

Product Warranty

We provide a genuine product warranty, protecting your Pallet Racking system investment.


Orbit Pallet Racking is engineered & certified to Australian Standards AS4084-2012.

Complete Solutions

At Abbott Storage Systems we provide complete project management and installation of Pallet Racking systems.

Features of a Selective Pallet Racking System​

Selective Pallet Racking - Beam Retaining Pin

Beam Retaining Pins

The beam retaining pin system provides greater safety ensuring beams are retained correctly, avoiding accidental dislodgement.

Safe Working Load Signs

Safe working load signs provide your warehouse staff with this load rating within each level of your racking structure. Find out more about our safe working load signs here.

Selective Pallet Racking - Safe Working Load Sign

Accessories of a Selective Pallet Racking System

Floor Mounted Column Guards

Frame Guards & Protectors

Frame protectors offer increased safety by preventing accidental forklift damage to uprights; reducing downtime and repairs. View out online range here.

Mesh Backing

Mesh Backing can be added to provide an effective safety barrier between pallet storage and general warehouse operation zones.

Selective Pallet Racking - Mesh Backing
Selective Pallet Racking - Mesh Decking & Dividers

Mesh Decks & Dividers

Mesh Decking provides an alternative to boards. The mesh decking is stronger, safer and more durable option than boards.

Timber Shelves

Timber shelves are used to store loose items such as spare parts or boxes.

Selective Pallet Racking - Timber Shelves

Finishes of a Selective Pallet Racking System

Selective Pallet Racking

Powercoated Finish

The recognisable blue and orange colours of Pallet Racking system is a powder-coat finish. The End Frames are a powder-coat blue and the Beams are powder-coated orange. It is an ideal solution for an indoors application.

Pre-Galvanised Finish

Pre-Galv Finished Upright Frames have become more commonly used with the orange powder-coated Beams. The finish is a more durable than powder-coat, and in many cases a more cost effective option.

Selective Pallet Racking - Pre-Galvanised FInish
Selective Pallet Racking - Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dipped Galvanised finish is also available to provide ultimate protection from the elements when installed outdoors.


Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2Ninja Column 3Ninja Column 4Ninja Column 5Ninja Column 6Ninja Column 7Ninja Column 8Ninja Column 9Ninja Column 10Ninja Column 11Ninja Column 12
Height/Depth Standard Sizes (mm)Height
Height/Depth Standard Sizes (mm)1830213024383048365842674877609667067295

Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2Ninja Column 3Ninja Column 4Ninja Column 5Ninja Column 6Ninja Column 7Ninja Column 8Ninja Column 9Ninja Column 10Ninja Column 11Ninja Column 12
Beam Sizes & Capacity (All beam capacities listed are kgs per level)Beam Length (mm)
Beam Sizes & Capacity (All beam capacities listed are kgs per level)137218292591274330483200335036503810
Profile (mm)Powdercoated802800210015001400
Profile (mm)Powdercoated10023002100
Profile (mm)Powdercoated1203100300022002000
Profile (mm)Powdercoated140220022002000
Profile (mm)Galvanised803000
Profile (mm)Galvanised1002200
Profile (mm)Galvanised1202200


Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
PR45450Powder Coated Pallet Rack Corner GuardPowder Coated Pallet Rack Corner Guard$19.80 inc. GST
PRG45460Galvanised Pallet Rack Corner GuardGalvanised Pallet Rack Corner Guard$25.30 inc. GST
PR45470Powder Coated Pallet Rack Column GuardPowder Coated Pallet Rack Column Guard$30.47 inc. GST
PRG45480Galvanised Pallet Rack Column GuardGalvanised Pallet Rack Column Guard$38.72 inc. GST

Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
PR45551Pallet Rack Mesh Deck 1250mm x 840mmPallet Rack Mesh Deck 1250mm x 840mm$31.02 inc. GST
PR45571Pallet Rack Mesh Deck 1350mm x 840mmPallet Rack Mesh Deck 1350mm x 840mm$33.77 inc. GST
PR45580Pallet Rack Mesh Deck 1250mm x 1220mmPallet Rack Mesh Deck 1250mm x 1220mm$51.26 inc. GST
PR45590Pallet Rack Mesh Deck 1350mm x 1220mmPallet Rack Mesh Deck 1350mm x 1220mm$59.51 inc. GST

Selective Pallet Racking FAQ

As per the Australian Standard: “Racking inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least every twelve months”. For more information visit our warehouse safety audits page here.

Safe Working Load Limit(SWL) Signs are displayed on the end of a racking aisle. As part of the Australian Standard: AS 4084-2012 it determines that a safe working limit (SWL) sign is to be mechanically secured to the racking structure at 2M above the floor level.

As per the Australian Standard: AS 4084-2012 a clearance from the top of the pallet to the underside of the load beam above should be a minimum of 75mm for beams under 6 metres and 100mm for beams above 6 metres. Refer to the blog outlining the Australian Standards AS4084-2012, for further explanation and diagrams, accessible here.

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Why Abbott Storage Systems?


Orbit’s Selective Pallet Racking is fully tested and certified to the Australian Standard AS4084-2012 ensuring your warehouse racking is engineered and manufactured in compliance with the highest standards, taking Orbit Storage Products to be Australia’s genuine trusted brand for warehouse racking products.


Protection for your personnel and property is of utmost importance to Abbott Storage Systems, to ensure your racking system is adequately protected to prevent safety issues and costly downtime or damage to your stock. Our storage pallet racks are safe and well-designed for your products.


Our team of design consultants’ expertise will provide the highest performing storage solution for your warehouse. Orbit Selective Pallet Racking is not of dimensions that can be adjusted as required and is configured to meet your specific warehouse racking challenges to support your company’s high-level of customer service.


Incorporating Orbit’s pallet racking and mesh and board decking solutions provides greater performance and flexibility to store specialised or changing pallet racking sizes effectively, eliminating double-handling with moving stock onto standard size pallets to be stored on pallet racking beams.

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