Dangerous Goods Cabinets

Orbit's Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets are a great way to safely and securely store dangerous chemicals.

Cabinet Features

The features of the dangerous goods cabinets include a double wall thermal barrier, self-closing doors, adjustable shelves, and a built-in spill containment.

Cabinet Construction

The cabinets are made from a fully welded steel construction.

Our Dangerous Goods Cabinet Range

Flammable Goods Cabinet

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets

They provide a safe, close-by, secure and time-saving method for storing all types of dangerous flammable chemicals. Flammable cabinets are there to protect your staff, minimise the risk of a fire and to safely store your dangerous chemicals.

Corrosive Safety Storage Cabinets

They have a polyethylene tray on each shelf to collect any accidental spillages. Designed to withstand fire these cabinets provide a safe environment to store most corrosive chemicals. Our corrosive cabinets comply with the Australia Standards AS 3780:2008 and they are available in a variety of sizes.

Corrosive Storage Cabinets
Explosive Storage Cabinet

Explosive Storage Cabinets

They offer everyday safe storage for most Class 1 Substances (explosive substances). They are cabinets that are fully compliant with legislative construction requirements.


Product CodeImageNamePriceQuantityBuy
ABMAX-FC30Flammable Storage Cabinet 30LFlammable Storage Cabinet 30L$1,170.40 inc. GST
ABMAX-CC30Corrosive Storage Cabinet 30LCorrosive Storage Cabinet 30L$1,444.30 inc. GST
ABMAX-FC100Flammable Storage Cabinet 100LFlammable Storage Cabinet 100L$1,672.00 inc. GST
ABMAX-FC160Flammable Storage Cabinet 160LFlammable Storage Cabinet 160L$1,785.30 inc. GST
ABMAX-CC100Corrosive Storage Cabinet 100LCorrosive Storage Cabinet 100L$1,886.50 inc. GST
ABMAX-FC250Flammable Storage Cabinet 250LFlammable Storage Cabinet 250L$2,085.60 inc. GST
ABMAX-CC160Corrosive Storage Cabinet 160LCorrosive Storage Cabinet 160L$2,098.80 inc. GST
ABMAX-CC250Corrosive Storage Cabinet 250LCorrosive Storage Cabinet 250L$2,497.00 inc. GST
ABMX-EC02Explosive Storage CabinetExplosive Storage Cabinet$3,746.60 inc. GST