Mobile Storage Systems

Orbit Mobile Storage Systems is an effective way to maximise the use of valuable floor space, utilising a transferable aisle to gain improved access and better organisation.

The design and layout can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any work environment.

With the option of mechanically assisted mobiles, large units can be moved effortlessly, reducing operator strain.

Fully fitted with adjustable shelves, the system remains flexible with the option to fit file racks and dividers for organisation.

Optional locking mechanisms can be fitted to protect important documents and valuable items.

Orbit Mobile Storage Systems are perfectly suited for archiving of documents or files for libraries, educational facilities, banks and museums.

Mobile Storage Systems - Locakable Mechanisms

Locking Mechanism

Within each console of the storage system, they have the capacity to be locked, providing extra security for your documents and files.

Mobile Storage Systems - Aisles


A Mobile Storage System is a useful way to increase the use of your floor space, the storage systems use a transferable aisle to obtain improved access and better organisation of your documents.

Mobile Storage Systems - Handle


Orbit Mobile Storage Systems have the option of adding mechanically assisted mobiles or handles, this then means that the large mobile units can be shifted with ease meaning that the strain on the operator is decreased.

Mobile Storage Systems - Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable Shelves

The shelves on the Mobile Storage System are fully adjustable and have the ability to be adjusted in 25mm increments. This allows for flexibility, giving the option to attach dividers and file racks within the Mobile Storage System to allow for organisation.

Why choose our Mobile Storage Systems?



The design of the Mobile Storage Systems can be tailored to your specific needs and it will depend entirely on your requirements. Our solutions give you the flexibility your business needs to store your important documents safely and securely, creating an efficient storage solution for your business.



Orbit Mobile Storage Systems provides easy access to all of your important business documents at any given time, maximising the productivity of your office. The storage system moves along the rollers giving easy access to all documents within any unit. The storage system will increase your floor space through utilising a transferable aisle, increasing the access and organisation of your documents.

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