Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are used to provide visibility for traffic or security reasons. They are used to ensure safety for pedestrians and traffic when vision is limited by corners, elevation changes etc. Excellent for increasing visibility is shops or warehouses for security and quality reasons.

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Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor application we have a variety of sizes sure to suit your needs.

Types of Convex Mirrors

MH33502 Indoors Convex Mirror 350mm

Indoor Convex Mirrors

Indoor convex mirrors are used to improve the visibility of pedestrian traffic in offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants – or any situation where visibility is limited.

Our indoor convex mirror is available in sizes ranging from 350mm diameter to 800mm diameter, with the preferred size being determined by the mounting height and preferred field of vision. All designs are manufactured from Polycarbonate materials to ensure adequate resistance to minor impacts.

Ourdoor Convex Mirrors

Outdoor Convex Mirrors are used to enhance visibility and improve safety. Our designs are manufactured from impact-resistant polycarbonate and are available in sizes ranging from 450mm diameter to 1200mm diameter.

These mirrors are often used as blind spot mirrors to enhance visibility around tight corners in car parks. Acrylic and Polycarbonate materials are used to prevent impact damage from small stones and projectiles that might be thrown up by vehicle tyres or lawnmowers.

MH31201 Convex Mirror - Exterior - 1200mm Dia


Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
MH33502Indoors Convex Mirror 350mmIndoors Convex Mirror 350mm$67.18 inc. GST
MH34502Indoors Convex Mirror 450mmIndoors Convex Mirror 450mm$78.56 inc. GST
MH36002Indoors Convex Mirror 600mmIndoors Convex Mirror 600mm$101.33 inc. GST
MH38002Indoors Convex Mirror 800mmIndoors Convex Mirror 800mm$169.64 inc. GST
MH34501Outdoors Convex Mirror 450mmOutdoors Convex Mirror 450mm$249.34 inc. GST
MH36001Outdoors Convex Mirror 600mmOutdoors Convex Mirror 600mm$277.79 inc. GST
MH38001Outdoors Convex Mirror 800mmOutdoors Convex Mirror 800mm$330.17 inc. GST
MH31001Outdoors Convex Mirror 1000mmOutdoors Convex Mirror 1000mm$444.02 inc. GST
MH31201Outdoors Convex Mirror 1200mmOutdoors Convex Mirror 1200mm$592.02 inc. GST

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