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The situation of the Grasberg Mine also known as the Freeport Mine is just 97kms north of Timika, Western New Guinea in Indonesia. It is recognisable as the worlds largest gold mine and second largest copper mine.
The operations at the Grasberg Mine include an open pit mine, an underground mine as well as four concentrators. In 2006 the report of the open pit mine was that it was producing over 67 million tonnes of ore. The mine on the surface spanning about 1.6kms.

Grasberg Mine
Grasberg Mine By Richard Jones - grasberg pano, CC BY-SA 2.0

In the industry of providing mining equipment and tools. Sandvik is a significant provider of mining equipment to the Grasberg Mine. Sandvik required a storage solution for their Kuala Kencana warehouse. In order to suit the parts and components of their heavy duty tools and equipment.

Sandvik Racking - Warehouse Racking Before
Sandvik Racking - Warehouse Racking Before

Through Sandvik’s strong links with Abbott Storage Systems in Australia as their warehouse racking provider. Sandvik Indonesia approached Abbott to provide the racking system at their Indonesian plant.

Planning & Designing

With about 3,810kms between Abbott’s Head Office in Perth and PT Sandvik SMC it meant there were significant challenges with respect to communicating and detailing out the requirements. The covering of it all was in a series of planning meetings and conversations.

As part of the requirement for the warehouse was the inclusion of a high-density Raised Storage Area, with pallet loading access. As well as a parts chute for the ease of movement of the stock items from the raised floor to ground level. In short, the chute would allow for the automation of the picking process and a more streamlined and efficient warehouse.

P.T. Sandvik SMC Raised Storage Area & Chute
Rack Supported Raised Storage Area, Staircase & Chute

The drafting of warehouse plans for the racking and storage system was from the details of requirements and plans from Sandvik Indonesia. With countless hours dedicated to getting every detail of the project fitting to Sandvik’s storage needs.

The Warehouse Racks & Storage Solution

Abbott Storage Systems supplied Sandvik Indonesia with over 70 bays of Selective Pallet Racking. Including a rack supported Raised Storage Area and a chute attached to the storage system.

In summary, Sandvik were impressed with their warehouse storage racks from Abbott Storage Systems. The completion of the installation was in August 2018.

The inspection and certification of the racking and storage structure installed at PT Sandvik SMC was by Abbott Storage Systems’ staff from the Perth Head Office.

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