8 September 2016

Rittal - Racking and Shelving

Racking and Shelving Storage Solution for Rittal in Malaga, WA.
Since its foundation in 1961, Rittal has continuously evolved into the world's leading systems provider for:

power distribution,
climate control,
IT infrastructure and
software & services.

Rittal unites innovative productions and pioneering engineering solutions. As well as global service to accommodate the most diverse requirements. It caters to a whole host of industries. From machinery and plant engineering to the automotive industry. Even through to information technology.

Project Requirements

Rittal were seeking to relocate their operations from Wangara to Malaga in Western Australia. They required a storage solutions provider that could meet their time constraints and deliver high-quality products. As well as a timely installation. Part of the project requirement was the removal of racking from the existing premises.

Rittal were impressed with Abbott’s professionalism from day one. One our sales managers was in charge of managing the project from end to end without any issues and well within Rittal’s expectations. Abbott's responded quickly and thoroughly and also communicated effectively throughout the project.

The Abbott Approach

Rittal initially sent Abbott’s the building plans for their new warehouse facility. After that, they requested a proposal for the deconstruction of existing racking and shelving. The original plan was for the re-installation of this racking into the new premises.

Abbott took the opportunity to provide Rittal with a proposal for the trade-in of racking. With Abbott’s experience a trade-in is more effective in the long run. Although, having a higher initial outlay to invest in new equipment. With a relocation there are potential difficulties and hazards of ‘stage’ work. This then means that the relocation was going to be done one section at a time. All the while, still trying to operate with no interruptions to customers and deliveries.

Abbott’s consultative and detailed approach secured the project. After submitting the proposals and in-depth conversations with Rittal around the options available. Abbott’s explained in detail exactly what the ‘sequence of events’. As well as, how the installation was to proceed. Then how Abbotts would dismantle and remove equipment from the old warehouse facility. After that Rittal were confident in awarding Abbott’s the project.

Delivering Trusted Solutions - Racking and Shelving Solution

Rittal were extremely happy with the results from partnering with Abbott Storage Systems.
Abbott’s delivered a trusted solution that was on time and as well as the utmost professionalism.
"I would definitely recommend Abbott Storage Systems to others. They are professional from start to finish and made my job easy. They have a great team and I was super impressed with the installation team. Their products are of high quality and very price comparative. If you want a team that looks after you from start to finish then give Abbotts a call."
Gary Seaton
Sales Operations Manager ANZ

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