9 August 2017

Why Should You Organise A Racking Inspection?

The warehouse is an important part of any business be it small or large. Above all, a warehouse is the direct line of your goods to your customer. The conduction of a warehouse racking inspection is to give businesses peace of mind. But most importantly, that your warehouse complies with the Australian Standard AS4084-2012 and that it is safe for your employees. Find out the five key reasons for engaging in an annual racking safety inspection.

Inventory Protection

Inspections are an important way to protect the goods that your company stocks. Any damage to the warehouse racking system is a danger to your employees. But it also can cause damage and loss of inventory. A regularly inspection of a warehouse is an important part of any business. As we all know, any damaged or lost stock has a direct effect on your bottom line. So with that in mind, it's in your companies best interest to protect your inventory from damage.

Reduce Risk

A small hit of your pallet racking with a forklift may only seem harmless and an unnecessary expense for replacement. In reality, it's very different. Any damage to pallet racking damage compromises the safety of your warehouse. Sometimes leading to even further damages, loss, personal injury or in some cases death. These catastrophes can be avoided by applying the preventative measure of a racking inspection.

A racking inspection report includes notes and images of all unsafe and damaged racking. The auditor will ensure that your racking complies with the Australian Standard AS4084-2023. You can reduce the risk of incurring preventable expenses and dangers to staff. This is by complying and implementing the suggestions of corrective actions within the compliance report.


The most significant concern within any business should be employee safety. In connection to the installation, maintenance and the use of the racking within your warehouse. All racking whether it be second hand or new is susceptible to damage. This can be through various ways including stress and or impact from machinery such as a forklift. Often damage to racking gets underestimated in terms of warehouse safety and its impact on the stability of the racking structure. Racking can sustain loads after impact, although this does not guarantee that it is still safe to use. A qualified inspector will review the damage and give recommendations on the requirement of replacement parts.

Cost Control

Above all, the recommendations of a regular annual audit are from the Australian Standards. Providing an opportunity to recognise any issues within your warehouse before they become out of control. As many are aware, there are many complications in understanding warehouse racking systems. Any damage to one part can create an extra and moreover put unnecessary strain on the other parts of the racking system. An annual inspection provides the opportunity to prevent any major expenses to your company.

Racking Changes

Were you aware that any changes that you make to your racking system can adversely affect the rack capacity? As a result of changing your warehouse racking in any way, it can impact the load ratings within the structure. Find out more in this blog. The inspector ensures that the changes or additions to your racking structure are safe to use. In addition to being compliant with the Standard.

Why are Inspections Essential?

Warehouse racking inspections aren't just beneficial for your business they are essential. The inspector will check your racking structure in view of the protection of your employees and products. When proactively engaging in the Standards recommendation of an annual inspection it provides security against preventable warehouse failures.

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