How To Create A Safe Warehouse Environment?

Safety in your warehouse facility should be any businesses’ number one priority. Getting side-tracked with other operational and day to day issues can create hazardous working conditions for your employees.

Safe Warehouse Environment

So what should you look for to create a safe warehouse environment?

Shelving Area
As your staff will be accessing the shelving area frequently for picking and packing it’s vital that they are secure and properly bolted to the walls to avoid potential accidents. It’s also important that the shelving is of the highest quality to ensure safety and longevity. Placing the heavier items on lower down shelves will also reduce risk of injury as should they fall there is less risk of causing harm.

The Floors
Your warehouse floor space is fully utilised throughout your hours of operation. Be mindful of keeping them clean, not leaving items laying around on the floor and ensure they are well marked to allow flow of traffic and avoid collisions. When washing, leave it until the end of the workday to allow floors to dry properly.

Security in the Warehouse
Security is a major factor in creating a safe warehouse environment. With staff and deliveries coming and going throughout the hours of operation, it’s hard to keep track of the movement. Installing a swipe card system or having a member of staff managing entry will create a safer environment for your warehouse. Installing security cameras is also an important safety measure, it will deter unauthorised entry and allow you to review and monitor activities.

If you are seeking a new warehouse location, think about the safety element. Choose wisely, look for a space that is in a well lit area, has good road access and is close to public transport.   It’s important to look after your staff as much as you can, which includes their safety getting to and from work.

First Aid
Having a fully stocked first aid kit at hand is vital to your staff’s safety. You should also have a fully certified first aid member of staff on premises at all times of operation. Should an accident occur on your warehouse premises, being able to administer first aid is not only taking responsibility for your staff, it could reduce the seriousness of an injury.

A safe warehouse environment is a happy environment. Take time to review your warehouse safety and take action immediately if required.