Warehouse Racking Repairs

Needing Warehouse Racking Repairs? You need to arrange the repair before it becomes too late!


In engaging an Annual Safety Racking Inspection you are maintaining the requirement of the Standards to conduct the inspections. Upon inspection of the racking, racking repair action should be taken on the report to remedy any damages.
You have a damaged racking post in your warehouse since the pallet racking installation, it's been hit with the force of warehouse machines and this needs immediate attention. After unloading the rack and covering the section with danger barricade tape, so as to stop anyone loading pallets into the racking bay. Now you are online searching for someone who can fix this damaged rack.

Well you've come to the right place - at Abbott Storage Systems we can take care of your annual racking safety inspections to assess damage that even may have gone unnoticed as well as the pallet racking repairs of your racking system, no matter what brand of racking you use in your warehouse.
Warehouse Racking Repairs

Warehouse Racking Repairs

Do you have damaged racking beams? These need to be replaced immediately, it may seem to be a minor hazard in the warehouse, however it is one of the most dangerous items once damaged. Beams sustain the weight of regular loading and unloading of pallets. In the course of an Annual Racking Inspection this damage is noted and document along with the corrective action that needs to be taken. If damaged beams are left unattended to they degrade the whole racking structure, shortening the length of its life.
Are any beams overloaded? Safe Working Load Signs (SWL) are fixed to the end of each row of racking. Failing to keep to these limits can cause warping and bowing in the beams which compromises the safety of the whole system. When a beam has been overloaded, the deflection needs to be measured while it is fully loaded and unloaded.

Racking Damage to Assess

Are all of the anchors in place and tight?
Are all end frames looking ok? Check for signs of rust, whether the post protectors need replacing and the general condition.
Does the concrete slab exhibit any signs of unusual cracking or decay?
How are the beams? Is there enough clearance between the top of the pallet and the bottom of the beam above (6 inches are recommended)? Are any bowing or showing a deflection?
What is the size and weight of the average pallet load? Is this within the limits of the Safe Working Load Limits?
Is the upright bracing all straight and undamaged?
Are the loads at the same level of quality? (Damaged pallets may cause unusual point loads on beams)
Has the overall layout or warehouse design changed?

Should I Replace or Repair?

Any racking damage discovered in the warehouse should be assessed by a professional in the field before warehouse racking repairs or replacement is carried out. The professional will be able to advise on the best option for the warehouse and it's needs.

Maintaining Warehouse Safety

In keeping on top of annual warehouse racking inspections to ensure that the system is being correctly maintained to the original design capacity is an important step to keeping your warehouse safe. When racking is damaged the Safe Working Load Signs (SWL) become void as the entire system is in jeopardy. The cost of a racking collapse is far more substantial than the value of the racking system, regular safety inspections and racking repairs. Worst case scenarios of not applying warehouse racking repairs is that they can lead to injury or even loss of life as well as stock loss and building damage.

Racking safety inspections and warehouse racking repairs are generally the responsibility of the OH&S Manager or Operations Manager. Pallet racking maintenance is a very critical role in the warehouse.
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