Particle Board Shelf 2390W x 555D

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Item CodeOS42410
Dimensions (mm)2390W x 555D
Suits Frame Depth (mm)

600 Deep

Long Span End Frame 600D

Suits Beam Lenth

2400 Wide

Long Span 2400W Stepped Beam

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Brand: Orbit

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2390W x 555D Particle Board Shelf suits 600mm Deep End Frames and 2400mm Long Open Span Beams. The thickness of the Particle Board Shelf is 18mm. One 2390W x 555D Particle Board Shelf is required per shelf level of a 600D x 2400W Open Span unit.

Open Span shelf options fit into the recesses of the Open Span Beams. Open Span Shelving Stepped Beams secure into the slots of the Orbit Open Span Racking End Frames. The shelf levels are adjustable using the 50mm beam slot increments. This allows for the accommodation to changes in product shape and size, packing and relocation. Securing of the Stepped Beam to the Open Span Frames are with beam retaining pins.

Customise your shelving unit to suit your needs with the shelving types we have to offer. Our Open Span Shelf range includes 18mm Particle Board, Steel Shelf Panels and Wire Shelf Panels. Various depths and lengths available. Shelf options slot into the recess of the stepped beam.

Open Span Shelving is a cost effective storage solution. A Single bay of Open Span contains the following three components; End Frames, Stepped Beams and Shelves. It is ideal in many environments for instance warehouses, workshops, offices, garages, sheds and many more. The shelving system caters to a wide range of applications such as tools, small parts storage, box storage, archive files and much more. The system has the capacity to provide storage that is suitable in an industrial, commercial or domestic setting.

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Weight 15.91 kg
Dimensions 239 × 55.5 × 0.18 cm


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