Pallet Rack Mesh Deck 1350mm x 840mm

Weight Capacity Per Mesh Deck: 1000kg UDL

Dimensions: 1350mm x 840mm

$33.77 inc. GST


The Pallet Rack Mesh Deck 1350mm x 840mm allows up to 1000kg UDL per mesh deck. It comes in a galavanised finish, which offers rust protection. The mesh decks will suit any brand of pallet racking. Per beam level of a 2743mmL Beam x 838mmD Frame will fit 2 of the 1350 x 840 Mesh Decks.

Pallet Racking Mesh Decks are a great solution for your warehouse racking. Offered as an alternative to board, the wire mesh decks are safer and stronger to store your items on. Mesh decks have the capacity to store up to 3 times the weight load that board is able to.

One Pallet Rack Mesh Deck 1350mm x 840mm comes supplied as:

  • One (1) Mesh Deck 1350mm x 840mm,
  • Four (4) Supports.

Additional information

Weight 10.06 kg
Dimensions 135 × 84 cm


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