Parts Tray Divider 300W x 135H

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Matching Parts Tray
PL32260 Parts Tray 415D x 300W x 135H
415D x 300W x 135H


Black Parts Tray Divider 300W x 135H suits all Parts Trays with a width of 300mm and a height of 135mm. The divider provides the ability to divide a parts tray into further compartments. Parts Trays an ideal storage solution for the storage of small parts and components. It is a cost effective storage solution that is ideal in any workshop, warehouse, garage or shed environment. Parts Trays use the feature of plastic dividers to organise and store anything from nails, nuts, bolts or a variety of tool parts.

The location of Divider slots are on the side of the Parts Tray. Dividers fit from left to right of the Parts Tray. The dividers can be adjusted into different slots. Giving either equal or different sized compartments within the Parts Tray. Parts Tray Dividers include a special locking ability that stops them from coming loose. Parts Trays to suit Parts Tray Divider 300W x 135H is PL32260 – Parts Tray 415d x 300w x 135h.

The Parts Trays include a wide front surface this gives the ability to attach labels. Providing a solution to easily identify the small items and contents within the compartments without the need to viewing inside the Parts Tray.

Parts Trays can be fitted to a Rolled Upright Shelving System. The parts tray includes backstops for viewing of the contents within the tray when fitted into a Rolled Upright Shelving System. The handle on the Part Tray allows for the ease of use in the Shelving System.

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