18 February 2019

The Warehouse & eCommerce

eCommerce is not longer a fad for businesses in the retail market. It has become a global movement that is leaving many traditional retailers behind. Buyers are now purchasing from the online world, that once was only possible to buy in-store.

The technology of eCommerce has advanced extremely fast in comparison to changes in the warehouse. Much faster than the processes and procedures in place to send the goods. It is the chain of events that occur through the warehouse that turn a customer to a loyal supporter or turn them off altogether.

Businesses spend a lot of effort and money on creating the most advanced online stores. That give the best user experience to gain a customer database. Meanwhile forgetting the technology demands of the warehouse to fulfill these online orders.

Although customer ordering has evolved over time towards digital transactions. The warehouse procedures still remain relatively similar in principles of receiving, sorting, storing and dispatch of goods.

Behind every successful warehouse is a system, whether it is entirely automated with machines or systems used by people. Many warehouse systems are still paper based and is far behind the technology used to place orders.

It is common for businesses hesitate before implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS). As many prefer to keep to their paper based methods, that have sustained them through the past. Bear in mind there are many downfalls to this dated method. Making it important to assess your warehouse and how it would be impacted by a WMS.

Warehouse & eCommerce considerations before implementing a WMS

Larger Area of Responsibility
The running of the warehouse is a part of the entire supply chain of any business. Gain an understanding into the supply chain and how it can work together to meet customer needs.
Upgraded Features Vs. Business Needs
There are many features available with the WMS systems that are available. The WMS should not involve having to add additional processes to the supply chain.
Choosing Wisely
The implementation of a WMS needs to cause minimal downtime to the warehouse. Rushed testing on programs is going to cause issues throughout implementation.

The racking in your warehouse should be one that caters appropriately to your products demand. Find out more about the different types of racking and the best option for your warehouse.

If your business is ready to make the change. Going into eCommerce can be a great source of business, just ensure your warehouse can meet the demands.

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