10 December 2020

A Tidy Warehouse To Boost Productivity

A tidy warehouse could be the answer to a few of the following warehouse issues:

Is the output of your warehouse drooping?
Can the productivity of the warehouse be increased?

Based on your answers to the two questions above if you responded yes, then it's likely that your warehouse needs a tidy. Read through our top five ways in keep your warehouse in top form and boost your warehouse productivity.

Improvement to staff welfare

The working environment that staff are placed in can have a significant impact on their well-being. This can then lead to impact on their productivity levels while at work. Some of the smaller issues in a warehouse and workplace can include warehouse lighting and temperature. They can affect an employee's motivation and result in larger problems for the business if they are not addressed. Cleaning and keeping a tidy warehouse will give your staff the ability to perform their tasks with ease and without frustration.

Warehouse efficiency levels increasing

In a tidy warehouse it is far less likely for equipment, stock and tools to go missing. In the regular cleaning and tidying of a warehouse it removes the obstructions and help in the finding the necessary stock, equipment and tools. This can save minutes and hours of staff time in searching for the needed item/s. With a tidy warehouse there will be less time spent on fixing incorrect orders, as stock will be put away in its correct place in the racking or shelving system. In order to run an efficient warehouse, it is a good idea to establish rules on tidying the warehouse regularly and the method to follow, so as to save staff time.

Leaving a good business image

Any clients that arrive at the warehouse to collect their goods will have a good impression of a tidy warehouse. This applies to both new and existing clients. A tidy and organised warehouse will leave a good impression and reputation of the company. So by just tidying the warehouse you have raised the standard.

Chances of accidents and injuries are lowered

Warehouse injuries and accidents are avoidable in most cases. To save the danger of a potential injury the keeping of a clean warehouse is key. A warehouse manager should consistently be overseeing and reviewing any potential trip hazards and combustible materials. This will not only keep your staff safe but your stock as well.

Some statistics of the work-related traumatic injury fatalities in Australia in 2019 include:

79 worker injuries by vehicle collision
21 worker injuries by being hit from a falling object
21 work injuries from falling from a height
Worker Fatalities Australia 2019

Decrease to the requirement of warehouse maintenance

The consistent upkeep of a warehouse will reduce the need to spend big on the thorough cleaning of a warehouse on less regular intervals. Keeping on top of rubbish pick up, dust and dirt build up will save the need for extra time to be spent on it when it gets out of hand. A daily cleaning procedure will mean less downtime for the business, when compared to the thorough cleaning of the warehouse every few months.


So, will all this in mind it is obvious that a quick clean of the warehouse on a regular basis will improve the warehouse productivity levels and increase the safety of the warehouse.

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