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The location of Tile Boutique‘s West Australian warehouse is in Osborne Park. They are part of a network of 34 independent dealers in the tile products industry. Tile Boutique uses their decades of experience, skill and expertise within the tiling industry and as well as, owning every local showroom. Their tiles are some of the world’s best from Italy.

After quotation of the warehouse racking, Tile Boutique choose Abbott Storage System’s as their storage solution partner. Abbott would provide the Selective Pallet Racking they were requiring in their warehouse. Therefore, there were many consultation sessions between Abbott and Tile Boutique. Consequently, the finalisation of the plans of the racking system that would be the best fit to the operations were collated. Over several weeks the plans had alterations according to Tile Boutiques needs. This was so as to ensure they were receiving the best fit storage solution for their warehouse.

The Racking Requirement

The main requirement of the entire was installation was to ensure that Tile Boutique could continue with their operations as smoothly as possible throughout the entire installation, this meant Abbott had to coordinate the installation so as to ensure that there was minimal impact to the operations. The project was installed across multiple stages so as to minimise the disruption and operations downtime to Tile Boutique.

The Racking Solution

The operations department has seen a significant increase to the pick rate within their warehouse, maximising the efficiency and cost of their warehouse. Overall, Tile Boutique are satisfied with the warehouse racking solution that Abbott Storage System supplied and installed. It is truly a racking system that will last them well into the future.

I'd highly recommend Abbott, very easy going people to get on with, always returning your calls and putting us through the process of putting all the racks together. It was a very easy process.
John Nicolaou
Operations Manager - Warehouse

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