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Our range of Hand Trolleys and Dollies are sure to get your load moving with ease. No more opertor strain.


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We have a vast range of both hand trolleys, platform trolleys and furniture dollies. Our range is sure to suit your requirement.

Types Of Hand Trolleys

MH10223 - General Purpose Pneumatic 1180 x 370 Hand Trolley

General Purpose Trolley

Tough by name and tough by nature the general purpose trolleys are designed as the best that can be purchased. They can withstand loads up to 200kgs. They can sustain long term heavy duty use in your warehouse or workshop. Being built to last means that the frame has been manufactured using heavy duty wall steel pipe. Wheels are available in either pneumatic or puncture proof.

Pram Handle Trolley

The Pram Handle features an ergonomically curved handle for single-handed comfort and control. It is ideal for applications in the office and delivery industries such as moving flat packages, magazines, cartons and boxes.
ABPRR125 - Pram Handle Trolley 300kg Pneumatic Wheels
Appliance Pneumatic 1200 x 425 Hand Trolley

Appliance Trolley

The appliance trolley makes the the job of moving refrigerators, washing machines, and any other bulky appliances a breeze. It features loading strips along the back of the trolley as well as guide rollers.

Easy Tilt Trolley

The easy tilt trolleys have a taller back. They are available in either twin (double) handle, double curved hand or a single handle. These high back trolleys make transporting large volumes of stock easy. A feature of the easy tilt trolleys is a spring loaded foot operated lever tilts the wheel axle into the best position for lifting and moving the load.

The Twin Handle is designed to move drums, kegs, boxes and crates. The Double Curved Handle trolleys are ideal for the transporting of larger objects. Finally, the Easy Tilt Square Frame is best at carrying flat loads such as boxes and crates.
ABETR107 - Easy Tilt Trolley 300kg Puncture Proof Wheels

Flat Back Carton Trolley

Our Flat Back Trolley boasts a strong welded flat back, wide toe platform, and ergonomically curved handle for comfort and control. It can move up to 200kgs of cartons at a time.

Stairclimber Trolley

The Stair Climber Trolleys are carefully designed to safely maneuver heavy items such as refrigerators, cabinets and more up and down stairs and steps. It provides a secure and reliable moving dolly solution for the moving professional or for home use. The Stair Climber Trolley makes the act of step climbing with heavy loads a breeze.
ABSCR114S - Stairclimber Trolley 250kg Rebound Rubber Wheels Trolley Size 1200 x 410
ABPHR103 - P Handle Trolleys 200kg Pneumatic Wheels

P Handle Trolley

Our P Handle Trolleys are an ideal transporting solution that wont break the bank. It's suited to commercial and rigors of courier and high frequency use.

Platform Trolley

The Platform Trolleys have many uses within the office or warehouse environment. The trolley provides an easy method to maneuvering boxes and larger items safely around a warehouse or office environment. Options available include single or double platforms and folding trolleys for space saving in storage.
MH10401 Single Deck 1160 x 760 Platform Trolley

Types Of Dollies

MH41900 - Skate Dollies 500kg 900L x 600W

Skate Dollie

The Skate Dollies are ideal for moving loads through a warehouse, both safely and securely. The dollie includes durable castors and a non-slip surface to secure the load. With rounded corners which reduces the damage to the walls, the dollies are a great solution to maneuvering heavy loads.

Skate Dollies are constructed from high quality marine grade timber deck with a full rubber top. Which is perfect for loads up to 400kg. The premium casters allows the transport of furniture and heavy items with ease.

Tub Dollie

The Tub Dollie is an ideal way to move stack and nest crates around your warehouse or office environment. The Dollie has a capacity of 200kg and comes supplied as a flat pack. The Dollie includes multi-directional wheels to make maneuvering easier when loaded. The Dollie is designed to transport 32L, 52L, and 68L Stack & Nest Crates. It is the perfect solution for all your storage and food transport needs. Ideal for reducing back injury and handling foods across a whole range of industries, including butchers, fishing, food service, chicken & poultry, and lots more.
MH42600 - Tub Dollies 66 x 400
MH43205 - Drum Dollies for 205L Drum

Drum Dollie

The Drum Dollie is an ideal way to move drums safely around your warehouse or workshop environment. It assists with the transport of even the heaviest drums with ease. The Dollie has a capacity of holding a 55-gallon drum. The dolly is constructed with a heavy duty steel frame. The dolly provides a balanced surface to avoid the risk of tipping and spilling the contents within the drum.

Whatever the drum contains whether it is dangerous goods or materials, the dolly is an effective method to moving the drums safely. Dollies will last for many years as a result of the design and its protective yellow powder-coat finish. The four swivel caster wheels allow to pull and push the dolly with ease. The cross-strap feature prevents the dolly from warping so as to keep the load safe and secure.


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
Appliance Trolleys
Easy Tilt Trolleys
Flat Back Trolleys
P Handle Trolleys
Pram Handle Trolleys
Platform Trolleys
Stair Climber Trolleys
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
MH10000Folding 680 x 410 Platform TrolleyFolding 680 x 410 Platform Trolley$137.83 inc. GST
MH10101Single Deck 740 x 480 Platform TrolleySingle Deck 740 x 480 Platform Trolley$247.50 inc. GST
MH10301Single Deck 910 x 610 Platform TrolleySingle Deck 910 x 610 Platform Trolley$440.00 inc. GST
MH10401Single Deck 1160 x 760 Platform TrolleySingle Deck 1160 x 760 Platform Trolley$916.74 inc. GST
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
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