Does your Equipment Work with your Warehouse Design?

Along with the design of your warehouse, there are a number of factors to consider. But one of the most important is the type of equipment you need for your storage facility. Plan the design consultation session of the racking layout in conjunction with planning the type of equipment your warehouse needs. Rather than creating a design first and considering the equipment later. Read more about designing your warehouse in this previous article.

Following this process will help to make sure things run smoothly and that productivity and efficiencies are maintained.

Step 1

Determine the type of equipment you need. There are many types of equipment and accessories available, from gravity conveyors to anti-fatigue mats. It is important to consider the type of pallet handling you currently have. In addition to, considering changes or maintenance work to provide the most flexibility. The size, height and proposed layout of your warehouse will also determine the type of equipment required.

Forklift selection needs to take into consideration the environment, ie the floor surface and conditions – are they smooth or rough? Will the use of the forklift be inside or outside? It is also important to consider how long the machine will be used each day. There are other alternatives available such as electric lift trucks and pallet trucks. Are these better suited to your warehouse storage systems?

The equipment you decide on impacts on more than just efficiency. For instance, it can affects costs, stock management and the general morale of employees.

Step 2

Decide whether to rent or purchase your equipment. You need to consider the ongoing costs vs the initial investment, taking into account which equipment provides the most flexibility. Once you know how long the machine will be used daily you can assess your operating costs. Think about other after-sales costs such as repair bills, service, maintenance, parts, and fuel. As a general rule of thumb, if the use of a forklift is more than 4 hours a day is probably more cost effective to buy outright.

If looking at purchasing, there is also the option of getting something second hand or new.

Equipment selection is extremely important when managing warehouse storage systems. If your equipment isn’t working, chances are your warehouse isn’t operating either. It is an important component of overall storage design. And in summary, one that should be carefully considered with the aid of your storage system specialist.

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