Principles to Remember in the Warehouse

Any warehouse racking regardless of size, structure or design needs to be constantly monitored, particularly from a safety perspective. So as to ensure that the warehouse is running as efficiently and safely as possible.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility in the warehouse in order to create a safe working environment. Follow our guide on the regulations to follow in the warehouse.


Consider Your Warehouse Space Prior to Selecting a Racking System

An efficient warehouse is one in which the racking system is designed and also tailored to a businesses specific requirements. The design and layout of a warehouse is a major consideration. With so many factors to weigh over. It is important that the Pallet Racking options available are well understood prior to designing the layout.

Some points to consider include:

  • space required for a forklift to maneuver,
  • quantity and the weight of items that will being stored on the racking system,
  • capacity of the selected storage system, and as well as
  • any fire safety requirements.

Find out more on the different pallet racking options and which option is best suited to your requirements.

Establish a Process on Reporting Damage

The biggest safety issue in warehouses lies in unreported dangers and accidents. In order to fix this, all staff should be trained to report any damage that has been witnessed.

Accidents in the warehouse are frequent and many go unreported, because at the time many may seem insignificant. Any form of damage on a racking structure is consequential. As it poses a safety threat to all those in the area. Damage weakens the racking structure and impacts the load rating. Consequently, racking structures can collapse causing damage to stock, equipment and even injuring those in the area.

As a warehouse or operations coordinator it is your responsibility to ensure that the racking structure is safe.

A suggestion is to monitor the racking safety engage in:

Never attempt to implement temporary repairs without first consulting a professional. As the repairs must meet the requirements of the original installation. A racking inspector will recommend to do repairs or replace parts to ensure the system is safe.

Reporting Damage

Warehouse safety should be every operation managers top priority. Make sure your warehouse is a safe one for your employees to work in.

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