Backbone Steel

A powder coated Cantilever Racking solution in Myaree, Western Australia.

Backbone Steel have a focus on the provision of high quality steel framing solutions. Their beginnings date back to 2001 with the increasing demand of modular buildings in the mining industry. With in-house design capabilities they can design each frame with ther latest CAD Software. Using the computers assistance they can roll, cut and also assemble frames to an extremely high standard and minimal waste. They have become a well-known supplier of prefabricated steel framework to the West Australian market.

In April of 2016, those from the operations department came in contact with Abbott Storage Systems. This was so that Abbott could provide a quote on their racking requirement. Back Bone Steel would be storing long and bulky parts of the frames they manufacture. As a result, this meant that Cantilever Racking was the perfect solution. Plans for Backbone Steel were then put on hold for the time being.

With a management update, three years later in 2019, the operations department again contacted Abbott for a revision of their quote. After a revision of the drawings and details an updated quote was given. Choosing to proceed with the quote in May of 2020.

In late June 2020, the installation of the Cantilever Racking was complete. The project consisted of the supply and install of twenty nine (29) bays of Powder Coated Heavy Duty Cantilever Bays.

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