Cantilever Racking

Orbit's Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking has the ability to store long and odd-sized items with exceptional load-bearing capacity. There are multiple possible configurations including either a single or double-sided cantilever rack including a large variety of sizes, giving your warehouse storage the opportunity to be tailored to maximise the space you have available.


We prepare space consultancy and warehouse fit-out designs for Cantilever Racking solutions, tailored to each individual clients requirements.


Abbott Storage Systems’ Cantilever Racking is engineered and certified to stringent international standards.


We provide a genuine product warranty, protecting your Cantilever Racking system investment.


At Abbott Storage Systems we provide complete project management and installation of Cantilever Racking systems. Orbit's Cantilever Racking can provide increased streamlining, productivity, creating an effective and safe warehousing solution.

Types Of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking - Light Duty

Light Duty

Our Light Duty Cantilever Racking is ideal for use on items such as steel, sheet metal, chipboard, plywood, timber, pipes, tubes, building materials, furniture, hardwood flooring and carpet rolls. It is available in either a Powder Coat or Hot Dipped Galvanised finish. It has an arm load capacity of up to 250kg Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL). The load capacity is calculated according to the specific rack configuration.

Heavy Duty

Our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking is ideal for the storage of many items including, chipboard, plywood, timber, pipes and tubes. It is able to withstand greater weights than the Light Duty option. It is available in either a Powder Coat or Hot Dipped Galvanised finish. It has an arm load capacity of up to 1000kg Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL). The load capacity is calculated according to the specific rack configuration.
Cantilever Racking - Heavy Duty

Features of a Cantilever Racking System​

Cantilever Racking - Pallet Storage

Pallet Storage

Pallet Beams with or without mesh decking can be fitted to the cantilever arms to add versatility to the storage capacity of each level. It creates an ideal solution for standard pallets, long pallets and other awkward items that will not store directly on the storage system. This functionality assists to overcome the limitations of other pallet racking systems which are unable to be adjusted as required to suit the particular requirements of the end user, specifically in relation to varying pallet widths.

Arm End Stop Pins

Cantilever Arm End Stop Pins attach to Cantilever Arms and Bases to prevent items on the rack from falling off. They are easy to install and simple to remove. The End Stop Pins are useful when items stored on the Cantilever is likely to slide off. Our pins are 200mm high and include a lynch pin. We have End Stop Pins to suit both Light and Heavy Duty Cantilever.
Cantilever Racking - Arm End Stop Pin
Cantilever Racking - Arms

Cantilever Arms

Cantilever arms are connected to the upright columns with pivot pin system to prevent forklift damage when loading or unloading from the level below; whilst maintaining height adjustability. Cantilever arms are fitted with a removable end stop pin to retain product within the length of the arm where required.

Powder Coating Finish

The Premium Blaze Blue/ Orange Safety powder coat finish provides increased safety with exceptional visibility enhancement. The powder coat finish is suited for all indoor applications.
Cantilever Racking - Powder Coat Finish
Cantilever Racking - Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dipped Galvanised finish is also available to provide ultimate protection from the elements when installed outdoors. The finish can withstand water penetration and rust.


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
Light Duty Cantilever Racking
Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking
Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2Ninja Column 3
Height/Column Centres Standard Sizes (mm)Height
Height/Column Centres Standard Sizes (mm)2900
Column Centres900Yes
Column Centres1200Yes
Column Centres1500Yes
Column Centres2000Yes
Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2Ninja Column 3Ninja Column 4Ninja Column 5
Height/Column Centres Standard Sizes (mm)Height
Height/Column Centres Standard Sizes (mm)400048005800
Column Centres900YesYesYes
Column Centres1200YesYesYes
Column Centres1500YesYesYes
Column Centres2000YesYesYes

Cantilever Racking FAQs

Does Cantilever Racking need to be bolted down?
Yes in all installations of Cantilever Racking it is required to be bolted to the floor, even if the location you are installing the Cantilever Racking to is a protected zone away from the elements.
Can Cantilever Racking be mounted on a road base or asphalt?
Surfaces such as road base, asphalt or bitumen are inadequate to support Cantilever Racking. The structure requires a concrete footing when installing to these surfaces.
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Why Abbott Storage Systems?


All our racking is manufactured and engineered to the stringent international standard FEM 10.2.07. This ensures that your warehouse racking complies to the highest standards. This makes Orbit Storage Products one of Australia’s genuine trusted brand. Protection for your personnel and property is of utmost importance to Abbott Storage Systems to ensure your cantilever racking systems comply with the standards to prevent safety issues and costly downtime or damage to your stock.


Cantilever Racking provides a versatile storage solution to store long and bulky items with maximum flexibility to meet your specific warehouse storage solutions needs. Our team of design consultant’s expertise will provide the highest performing racking storage solution for your warehouse. Our warehouse racking is configured to meet your warehouse storage challenges to support your company’s high-level of customer service.


Cantilever Racks are usually utilised for storage of long materials. For example timber, steel, and flat sheets. Cantilever Racks are a great product for storage of goods for the the industrial and commercial market.
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