Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

Orbit's Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets are a great way to safely and securely store dangerous chemicals.


The features of the dangerous goods cabinets include a double-wall thermal barrier, self-closing doors, adjustable shelves, and built-in spill containment.


Abbott's Flammable Cabinets are fully compliant with all relevant AS standards and are built to withstand harsh workshop environments. The shelf levels are fully adjustable within the limitations of the system, and all cabinets come with a patented sequential door closing system.

Types Of Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

Flammable Goods Cabinet

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets

They offer everyday safe storage for most substances under Class 3 of Dangerous Goods. The flammable cabinets are constructed using steel that is fully welded, double-walled thermal protection and inbuilt spill containment. Specifications are a 40mm double skin insulation on both panels and the door. Shelves within the cabinets are fully adjustable. The cabinet also includes a patented sequential door closing system, a key lock on the door handles with three-point latch locking. The doors will open to 180° which provides an easy shelf removal. The cabinets come in a high gloss finish. Base skids to allow transportation with a trolley or forklift.

Metal Outdoor Flammable Cabinets

The metal outdoor cabinets are designed to store most substances under Class 3 of Dangerous Good in an outdoor environment. All safety signage required will come fitted with the unit. The cabinets are a Heavy-Duty Metal Construction, that is fully galvanised to prevent rusting. The door will fold back to 270º and they include a latch. The metal cabinets have a cambered roof to allow water to easily runoff. Vents of the units are built to suit AS1940-2004 and they are lockable ensuring a high level of security.
CB34500 - 820L Outdoor Metal Flammable Cabinet
Corrosive Storage Cabinets

Corrosive Safety Storage Cabinets

Orbit's Corrosive Storage Cabinets offers a safe and secure storage solution for most substances under Class 8 of Dangerous Goods. The corrosive cabinets are constructed using steel that is fully welded, double-walled thermal protection and inbuilt spill containment. The shelves within the cabinet are fully adjustable and in addition to that, the cabinet includes a patented sequential door closing system. Doors will open to 180° which provides an easy shelf removal. The cabinets are compliant with Australia Standards 3780. Features include an under bench metal cabinet, adjustable levelling feet, flash arrester and vent openings and polyethylene spill collection trays on each shelf to protect against accidental spills and leaks.


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
Flammable Cabinets
Corrosive Cabinets
Product CodeImageNamePriceQuantityBuy
CB31100Flammable Storage Cabinet 30LFlammable Storage Cabinet 30L$1,650.00 inc. GST
CB31200Flammable Storage Cabinet 100LFlammable Storage Cabinet 100L$2,596.00 inc. GST
CB31300Flammable Storage Cabinet 160LFlammable Storage Cabinet 160L$2,827.00 inc. GST
CB31400Flammable Storage Cabinet 250LFlammable Storage Cabinet 250L$3,149.30 inc. GST
CB346001000L Outdoor Metal Flammable Cabinet1000L Outdoor Metal Flammable Cabinet$5,693.60 inc. GST
CB34500820L Outdoor Metal Flammable Cabinet820L Outdoor Metal Flammable Cabinet$6,966.30 inc. GST
CB347002000L Outdoor Metal Flammable Cabinet2000L Outdoor Metal Flammable Cabinet$16,980.70 inc. GST
Product CodeImageNamePriceQuantityBuy
CB32100Corrosive Storage Cabinet 30LCorrosive Storage Cabinet 30L$2,351.80 inc. GST
CB32200Corrosive Storage Cabinet 100LCorrosive Storage Cabinet 100L$2,897.40 inc. GST
CB32300Corrosive Storage Cabinet 160LCorrosive Storage Cabinet 160L$3,612.40 inc. GST
CB32400Corrosive Storage Cabinet 250LCorrosive Storage Cabinet 250L$4,253.70 inc. GST

Why Abbott Storage Systems?


All our dangerous goods cabinets comply with the relevant standards. Our Flammable Cabinets are built to comply with AS 1940. Our Corrosive Cabinets are built to comply with Australian Standards 3780.


With the use of our dangerous goods cabinets, you can have peace of mind that your hazardous substances are being stored safely and securely, protecting your people and the environment they work in.
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