Vertical Storage Racks

Vertical Storage Racks are designed to store long items such as timber or steel in a vertical orientation.


We tailor each of our Vertical Racks around the individual client requirements.


Abbott Storage Systems’ Vertical Racks are engineered and certified to stringent international standards.


We provide a genuine product warranty, protecting your Vertical Racking system investment.


Vertical Racks are an economical and space saving method for upright storage. It is a cost effective solution that is simple to install. Vertical Racks don't use much floor space, and provide easy access to stock items for picking or retail areas.

Types Of Vertical Storage Racks

VR72341 - Vertical Short Length 1800H 1500W 600D Storage Rack

Vertical Short Length Storage Rack

The Vertical Short Length Storage Rack is designed to store long items such as pipes and tubes.

Vertical Sheet Storage Rack

The Vertical Sheet Storage Rack is deeper than the Vertical Short Length Storage Rack and it is designed for the storage of wood and timber.
Vertical Sheet Storage Rack

Features Of Vertical Storage Racks

Vertical Short Length Storage Racks

Storage Type

The design of Vertical Storage Racks to is create an organised method of storing items with awkward and long shapes. For example pipes, tubes timber, bars and much more in a vertical position.

Restraint Chain

A restraint chain secures items that are stored within each bay. Preventing it from falling out of the racking.
Restraint Chain
Vertical Storage Racks - Blue Powdercoat Finish


The vertical racks comprise of both welded and bolted connections for structural integrity. The units come in a powdercoat blue finish.


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.

Please Note: We don't hold stock of Vertical Storage Racks and our lead time is 12-15 weeks.
Product CodeImageNameHeightWidthDepthPriceBuy
VR72341Vertical Short Length 1800H 1500W 600D Storage RackVertical Short Length 1800H 1500W 600D Storage Rack18001500600$3,344.00 inc. GST
VR75341Vertical Short Length 3050H 1800W 600D Storage RackVertical Short Length 3050H 1800W 600D Storage Rack30501800600$6,682.50 inc. GST
VR83451Vertical Sheet 2000H 2000W 1200D Storage RackVertical Sheet 2000H 2000W 1200D Storage Rack200020001200$16,558.30 inc. GST
VR83641Vertical Sheet 2000H 1800W 1800D Storage RackVertical Sheet 2000H 1800W 1800D Storage Rack200018001800$22,353.10 inc. GST

Why Abbott Storage Systems?


Orbit Vertical Storage Racking is available in configurations to suit your requirements. It is tailored to maximise your storage space.


Vertical Storage Racks are usually utilised for storage of long materials in a vertical manner. For example timber, steel, and flat sheets. Cantilever Racks are a great product for storage of long goods in the the industrial and commercial market.
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