Scissor Lift Tables

We have a range of scissor lift tables available. Sure to meet your warehouse requirements.


We provide a genuine product warranty of 12 months, protecting your Scissor Lift investment.


Get ready to raise, move and handle heavy goods more conveniently than ever with our range of Scissor Lift tables.

Features Of Scissor Lift Tables

MH12001 - Scissor Lift Table 300kg

Hand Trolleys

Our Scissor Lifts are four-wheel hand trolleys featuring a platform that can be raised and lowered. Through the use of a hydraulically powered scissor mechanism. They are designed to move heavy goods to a comfortable working height, they are extremely useful in all kinds of warehouses, workshops and despatch departments.


The Scissor Lifts that come with castors are fitted with lockable castors to ensure stability.
PR46750 Heavy Duty Industrial Castor 150kg Capacity
MH13001 - Scissor Lift Table 500kg

Foot Pump

They are operated using a foot-controlled hydraulic pump for smooth lifting and lowering. The speed of this lifting and lowering can be easily adjusted thanks to a hand-operated control valve.


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
MH11001Scissor Lift Table 700 x 450Scissor Lift Table 700 x 450$491.26 inc. GST
MH12001Scissor Lift Table 815 x 500Scissor Lift Table 815 x 500$636.46 inc. GST
MH13001Scissor Lift Table 850 x 500Scissor Lift Table 850 x 500$669.90 inc. GST
MH12002Double Scissor Lift Table 915 x 500Double Scissor Lift Table 915 x 500$893.20 inc. GST
MH15131Stationary Electric Scissor Lift Table 850 x 1300Stationary Electric Scissor Lift Table 850 x 1300$3,293.73 inc. GST
MH15201Stationary Electric Scissor Lift Table 1000 x 2000Stationary Electric Scissor Lift Table 1000 x 2000$4,018.30 inc. GST
MH14821Stationary Electric Scissor Lift Table 1300 x 820Stationary Electric Scissor Lift Table 1300 x 820$5,416.40 inc. GST
MH15852Stationary Electric Double Scissor Lift Table 1300 x 850Stationary Electric Double Scissor Lift Table 1300 x 850$6,140.75 inc. GST
MH15121Stationary Electric Scissor Lift Table 1200 x 2000$7,447.00 inc. GST
MH13002Double Scissor Lift Table 1020 x 610Double Scissor Lift Table 1020 x 610$7,998.65 inc. GST
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