Open Span (Long Span) Shelving

Heavy Duty Open Span Shelving (also known as Long Span Shelving or Longspan Racking) offers a highly efficient storage solution with a high load-bearing capacity to accommodate changes in product shape and size, packaging and relocation.


With each Open Span Shelving fitout tailored to the individual clients needs. We can enagage in a design consultation session to maximise the efficiency of your shelving solution.


At Abbott Storage Systems our products include a genuine product warranty. Giving you peace of mind that your storage system investment is protected.


From design consultation through to supply of Open Span Shelving. The installation team at Abbott can also provide project management and install of your shelving system.

Shelf Types Of Open Span Shelving 

Open Span Shelving Systems - Particle Board Shelves

Particle Board Shelves

This is the most common type of shelves for an Open Span (Long Span) unit. Its suitable for a range of uses in your warehouse or workshop.

Steel Shelf Panels

These shelf inserts are ideal in a warehouse environment where the products being stored on the shelving won't suit particle board, an example is the storage of liquid containers. The thickness of the Steel Shelf Panel is 0.8mm.
Open Span Shelving - Steel Shelf Panels

Wire Shelf Panels

These wire shelf panel inserts are a great alternative to particle board as the mesh is stronger, more durable, cleaner and safer.

Features Of Open Span Shelving 

Open Span OS43090 3000H 1200W 900D Steel Shelf Panels Initial Bay

Easy Assembly

We provide the warehouse shelving units with the end frames assembled. This means that all you have to do is slot the horizontal beams into the upright frames and clip in place with the retaining pins, then place the chosen shelf type into the recess of the beams on each shelf level.

Upright Frames

Upright frames are supplied pre-assembled for ease of installation. That way we are providing an industrial storage solution that is predominately bolt-less and simple to put together. The heights of the frames that we offer are 900mm, 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm. Our range will provide a solution to suit the available space for a long span storage unit.
Open Span Shelving - Upright Frames
Open Span Shelving - Two Tone Grey Coating

Two-Tone Grey Coating

The two-tone grey powder coat finish is aesthetically pleasing in any environment. The shelving units can be used in a variety of environments from offices, schools to workshops and warehouses. Given that the nature of the product is heavy duty shelving they do have a high load capacity per shelf level.

Cross Beams

Cross beams are recessed to facilitate flush fitting of shelf panels. Beam retaining pins are fitted to ensure the cross beams cannot be accidentally dislodged.
The shelf panel inserts can be either 18mm particle board, mesh shelf panels or steel shelf panels.
Open Span Shelving - Cross Beams
Open Span Shelving - Castors


Castors can mobilise an Open Span (Long Span) Shelving Bay. Heavy duty castors with a swivel and braking system are mounted to end frames. Allowing for the bay of shelving to be maneuvered around the work-space.


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
Please Note: You need to purchase an Initial Bay before purchasing Add-On Bays. Add-On Bays will clip onto the Initial Bays. See below images for explanation.
Initial Bay
Add-On Bay
Open Span OS42041 2500H 1500W 900D Particle Board Add-On
Standard Sizes
Initial Bays
Add-On Bays
Frame Sizes
Beam Sizes & Capabilities
Height Options (mm)Depth Options (mm)Width Options (mm)
Product CodeNameImageHeightWidthDepthShelf Panel TypeLoad Capacity per Shelf Level (kg)PriceBuy
Product CodeNameImageHeightWidthDepthShelf Panel TypeLoad Capacity per Shelf Level (kg)PriceBuy
Please Note: Two (2) Frames are required per standalone unit/Initial Bay and One (1) Frame per Add-On Bay.
Product CodeNameImageHeightDepthPriceQuantityBuy
Product CodeNameImageWidthExternal WidthLoad Capacity per Beam Level (kg)PriceQuantityBuy
Please Note: It displays the quantity required per beam level.
Product CodeImageNameSuits Frame Depth900W1200W1500W1800W2400WPrice EaAdd to Cart QtyBuy

Open Span Shelving FAQs

When can an order of shelving be picked up/ delivered?
Currently our lead time of orders in-stock is 5 - 7 working days from the confirmation of order received. Find out more information on our lead times on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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Why Abbott Storage Systems?


The Long Span Shelving units are a simple storage unit to fit together and are suitable to use in a variety of storage requirements from spare parts to boxes and warehouse storage requirements.


Heavy Duty Open Span Shelving (also known as Long Span Shelving), is available in many different heights, widths, depths and configurations, which enables the shelving system to be tailored to maximise your storage space.


Open Span (Long Span) Shelving is a predominately boltless construction. To which end this ensures a rapid installation, saving time for installation and alterations, streamlining your storage solutions.
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At Abbott Storage Systems we have a long history in the warehousing and storage industry. A strong focus is on ‘Delivering Trusted Solutions’ according to our tagline. We have become a trusted brand in the storage industry as a result. So to this end, we ensure that each storage solution is tailored to every individual clients’ specific needs. As well as, focusing on the need for increased safety, productivity and efficiency. Our achievements are built on our experience in the industry. We design and manage entire storage fit outs.
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