January 12, 2021

Long Span Shelving Vs. Pallet Racking

With many storage systems available, Pallet Racking and Long Span Shelving would be the two most common choices in a warehouse environment. Depending on your requirements, your warehouse may need one of the options or even both to suit your storage requirements. Prior to making a call on the storage option, is it best to weigh up the pros and cons of both systems.

Pallet Racking

Temco - Pallet Racking Welshpool WA


Pallet Racking is the servant of todays warehouse. In terms of industrial storage systems it is one of the largest and strongest types available in the market. Its ideal for the storage of palletised loads, in a warehouse where there is a large volume of stock is being stocked. To load and unload palletised goods from the Pallet Racking is with the use of a forklift. Pallet Racking is an extremely versatile storage system with the ability to customise the layout design to be suited to the requirements set out. Most warehouses and distribution centres would use Pallet Racking due to its high storage capacity, layout customisation and ease of loading and unloading the stock stored in the racks.

Pallet Racking is available in a variety of options including; Selective Pallet Racking, Drive In-Racking and Cantilever Racking. If your storage application is requiring to store a large amount of stock then Pallet Racking is probably your best option.


Pallet Racking is not the most cost effective solution for the storage of smaller and ligher items. It can only stored palletised goods on the racking unless wood is placed across two beams on a beam level to create a shelf.

Long Span Shelving

Temco - Open Span Shelving


Long Span Shelving is also commonly refered to as Boltless Shelving. It is an ideal storage solution for low volume that involves hand load items. It is commonly used in warehouses and workshops. It is a customisable storage solution and high adaptable. Shelf options are available in either Particle Board, Wire Mesh Panels or Steel Shelf Panels, each option is best suited to different environments and uses.

Being a hand loaded storage system, it means that the items stored on the shelving are generally accessible from both sides. It's a useful storage system for light to medium duty storage.

The shelving is quick and easy to install making it a great alternative to racking in this instance.


Long Span Shelving is not an option for the storage of large and heavy loads. It doesn't have the storage weight capacity that Pallet Racking does, making it only suitable for light to medium duty storage.

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