Parts Trays

Parts Trays are an ideal storage solution for the storage of small goods and loose parts as they allow for a high density store of small items.


Parts Trays are designed to integrate with Rolled Upright Shelving Systems. The trays can be used to store small parts an components in an organised manner. It is an ideal storage solution for the storage of small parts and components.


A range of sizes are available in depths, heights and widths.

Features Of Parts Trays

Parts Trays - Back Stops

Back Stops

Parts Trays includes a back stops for viewing of the contents when fitted to a Rolled Upright Shelving System.


The Parts Trays are designed with a large front flat surface to fit adhesive labels for simple identification of the contents and fit into a Rolled Upright Shelving System. Providing a solution to easily identify the small items and contents within the compartments without the need to viewing inside the Parts Tray.
Parts Trays - Labels
PL32610 - Black Parts Tray Divider 300W x 135H


The dividers are adjustable using the divider slots of the Parts Tray. You can customise the compartment sizes within the Parts Tray. As well as, add additional dividers which can be inserted to increase the number of compartments. Parts Trays can have either equal or different sized compartments. The Dividers include a special locking ability that stops them from coming loose.


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
Parts Trays
Product CodeImageNameHeightWidthDepthPriceQuantityBuy
PL32010Parts Tray 315D x 100W x 110HParts Tray 315D x 100W x 110H110100315$14.63 inc. GST
PL32060Parts Tray 415D x 100W x 110HParts Tray 415D x 100W x 110H110100415$18.04 inc. GST
PL32080Parts Tray 415D x 100W x 60HParts Tray 415D x 100W x 60H60100415$11.66 inc. GST
PL32160Parts Tray 415D x 150W x 110HParts Tray 415D x 150W x 110H110150415$25.63 inc. GST
PL32180Parts Tray 415D x 220W x 135HParts Tray 415D x 220W x 135H135220415$32.78 inc. GST
PL32260Parts Tray 415D x 300W x 135HParts Tray 415D x 300W x 135H135300415$57.42 inc. GST
PL32110Parts Tray 615D x 100W x 110HParts Tray 615D x 100W x 110H110100615$27.50 inc. GST
PL32210Parts Tray 615D x 150W x 110HParts Tray 615D x 150W x 110H110150615$37.51 inc. GST
Product CodeImageNameHeightWidthPriceQuantityBuy
PL32511Parts Tray Divider 100W x 60HParts Tray Divider 100W x 60H60100$0.77 inc. GST
PL32510Parts Tray Divider 100W x 110HParts Tray Divider 100W x 110H110100$1.21 inc. GST
PL32560Parts Tray Divider 150W x 110HParts Tray Divider 150W x 110H110150$1.65 inc. GST
PL32620Parts Tray Divider 220W x 135HParts Tray Divider 220W x 135H135220$2.04 inc. GST
PL32610Parts Tray Divider 300W x 135HParts Tray Divider 300W x 135H135300$3.41 inc. GST
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