Pallet Cages

Pallet Cages are a great storage option for any warehouse. They are cost effective as well as space saving.


The design of the cages is to safely store and transport the contents of the cage. Constructed from heavy duty steel, a pallet cage is strong enough to handle any warehouse environment.


Cages can either be used in a Selective Pallet Racking system or they can be used as stand alone units. The stacking of cages provides a space saving solution. The easy transportation of cages around the warehouse is using the two point forklift and pallet truck access.


The supply of cages can either be with or without a Hardwood Pallet. The purchase of cage Lids and PVC Covers are to provide a safe and secure storage of the cages contents. Our range of cages features a unique positive locking bar that ensures there is no movement when stored on racking.


Using the drop down gate of the 825mm and 900mm cages, there is quick and easy access to stock within the cage. Clamp on cages can collapse, to save space. This not only saves space when not in use, but improves transportation costs.

Types Pallet Cages

PS73102 Bolt on Cage 825H with Hardwood Pallet

Bolt On Cages

Bolt on Pallet Cages are unique with their bolt on features for extra strength and ensuring no movement when bolted to a Hardwood Pallet.

Clamp On Cages

Clamp on Pallet Cages are unique with their clamp on features for extra strength and ensuring no movement when clamped to a Hardwood Pallet. These pallet cages are able to be collapsed for space saving in the warehouse.
PS73201 Clamp on Cage 500H with Hardwood Pallet


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
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Why Abbott Storage Systems?


The testing and certification of the cages are fully in accord with the Australian Standard. We ensure that they comply with the quality and compliance standards.


The cages were designed with safety in mind, to help minimise safety issues in the warehouse. The cages are an ideal way to secure store loose stock and to transport it safely.
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