Workbenches & Packing Benches

Ideal for use in workshops, warehouses and garages. Orbit Workbenches have multiple uses within any environment.


We can tailor workbenches to suit your requirements. We have a wide range of accessories available. They are free-standing units that can be bolted to the floor or be made mobile through the use of castors. The shelf board will slot into two stepped beams, which includes a recess to facilitate the flush fitting of shelf panels.


Workbenches are particularly great for packing, assembling and heavy-duty hard work. They are a cost-effective solution for your warehouse or workshop. The workbenches are a predominantly bolt-less construction which ensures easy assembly, saving time for installation.

Types Of Workbenches

OS47010 Workbench Medium Duty 1400W x 600D x 930H

Medium Duty

Regular Medium Duty Workbench has a load rating of 500kg per workbench. They come in a finish that is dark grey powder-coated posts in the end frames and light grey powder-coated cross beams. The benchtops are a standard 18mm MDF board and an 18mm Particle Board undershelf. The Workbenches are constructed from Open Span (Long Span) components. The workbenches come with two shelf levels, with the lower shelf level adjustable using the 50mm beam slot increments.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Workbenches have a load rating of 1500kg per workbench. They come in a finish that is blue powder-coated frames and orange powder-coated cross beams. or the Pre-Galv finish of grey frames and orange beams. The benchtops are an 18mm Particle Board Bench Top and Undershelf. The workbench includes two shelf levels, the shelf level is adjustable using the 76.2mm (3 inches) beam slot increments. The Workbenches are constructed from Pallet Racking Components.
PR47110 Workbench Heavy Duty 1800W x 900D x 930H

Accessories Of Workbenches

OS42532 Medium Duty Castor Kit


Industrial Workbenches can have castors (wheels) fitted to the base of the workbench. Adding castors to your workbench means that it can easily be moved around and it has become mobile. The castors are lockable as they come fully fitted with brakes.

Louvre Panels

Workbenches can have louvre panels or peg boards attached to provide a hanging zone for tools.
Workbench with Louvre Panel Backing

Wire Hooks

Louvre Panel hooks clip into a louvre panel and they are great for hanging a variety of items. The two varieties we stock are the 150mm Wire Loop Hook and the 250mm Heavy-Duty Prong Hook.

Parts Bins

Parts bins can be attached to a louvre panel. They allow for the storing of small items in compartments, to provide for easy picking and storage.
Louvre Panel Accessories - Parts Bins


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
Medium Duty Workbenches
Heavy Duty Workbenches
Product CodeImageNameWidthDepthHeightLoad Rating Per Workbench (kg)PriceBuy
OS47010Workbench Medium Duty 1400W x 600D x 930HWorkbench Medium Duty 1400W x 600D x 930H1400600930500$252.78 inc. GST
OS47060Workbench Medium Duty 2000W x 600D x 930HWorkbench Medium Duty 2000W x 600D x 930H2000600930500$290.29 inc. GST
OS47020Workbench Medium Duty 1400W x 900D x 930HWorkbench Medium Duty 1400W x 900D x 930H1400900930500$292.93 inc. GST
OS47070Workbench Medium Duty 2000W x 900D x 930HWorkbench Medium Duty 2000W x 900D x 930H2000900930500$342.76 inc. GST
Product CodeImageNameWidthDepthHeightLoad Rating Per Workbench (kg)PriceBuy
Product CodeImageNamePriceBuy
PR47100Heavy Duty Workbench Castors Set of 4 KitHeavy Duty Workbench Castors Set of 4 Kit$254.76 inc. GST
OS47750Medium Duty Workbench Castors Set of 4 KitMedium Duty Workbench Castors Set of 4 Kit$165.88 inc. GST

Workbenches FAQs

Will I have to assemble the workbench myself?
We provide the workbenches in a kit form, not as an assembled unit. You will have to put the components together but there are no bolting requirements on your side. The components will clip together. Assembly instruction sheets are provided with the kit.

Download Medium Duty Workbench Assembly Instructions

Download Heavy Duty Workbench Assembly Instructions
When can my workbench order be picked up/ delivered?
The end frames are assembled on a job by job basis. We usually require 5 – 7 working days after receiving your order to have it ready for pick up/ delivery. Find out more information on our lead times on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
How will I receive my workbench?
Your workbench will come as a kit. Within the kit is:

Assembled End Frames,
Shelf Board,
Shelf Top, and
Beam Pins.
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