Castors are either single, double or compound wheels. This assists in the multi-directional steering of the load that is joined to the castors.

Product Design

Castors are either single, double or compound wheels. This assists in the multi-directional steering of the item it is fixed to. There is a difference between castors and wheels. Wheels form part of a castor. The formation of a castor is the joining of the wheel to the castor frame. The design of a castor frame can be either rigid or swiveled.

Safety Features & COnsiderations

Through the use of brakes on castors, this will stop the unnecessary travel of the wheels. The application of pressure to the brake will ensure the fixing of the castors in place.

Product Use

Having uses in many industries, institutions, facilities and even in households. You can find castor wheels on almost anything, from shopping carts to office chairs and trolleys. The purpose of a castor is to reduce the requirement of manual labour. With a key purpose to provide the highest rate of load bearing capacity. Which then assists workers in the transfer of items easily.

Types of Wheels

OS42600 Medium Duty Industrial Castor 125kg Capacity


Nylon wheels provide a cost effective mobile solution. In comparison to prices of other wheels such as rubber. They have a track record of their durability and strength, making them long lasting wheels. Providing a smooth rolling experience, they can glide with ease over smooth surfaces. In comparison to rubber, nylon wheels are able to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. In the main, nylon wheels are used indoors. View our Nylon Wheel Castors.

Rebound Rubber

Rebound Rubber Wheels are non-marking, quiet and shock absorbing with a low rolling resistance. They are perfect solution for the moving of lightly loaded equipment over uneven ground. As they are able to protect the load from shocks. They roll over small obstructions easily. In this case they are ideal for waste bins, laundry trolley and electrical equipment. View our Rebound Rubber Castors.

PR46750 Heavy Duty Industrial Castor 150kg Capacity


Product CodeNameImagePriceQuantityBuy
OS42600Medium Duty Industrial Castor 125kg CapacityMedium Duty Industrial Castor 125kg Capacity$27.06 inc. GST
PR46750Heavy Duty Industrial Castor 150kg CapacityHeavy Duty Industrial Castor 150kg Capacity$46.09 inc. GST

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