Tub Dollie

The Tub Dollie is an ideal way to move stack and nest crates around your warehouse or office environment. The Dollie has a capacity of 200kg and comes supplied as a flat pack. The Dollie includes multi-directional wheels to make maneuvering easier when loaded.

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The Dollie is designed to transport 32L, 52L, and 68L Stack & Nest Crates. It is the perfect solution for all your storage and food transport needs. Ideal for reducing back injury and handling foods across a whole range of industries, including butchers, fishing, food service, chicken & poultry, and lots more.

Features and specifications:

  • Safe Working Load (kg): 200
  • Platform Height (mm): 115
  • Platform Size (mm): 600×400
  • Quiet running compared to traditional nylon wheels,
  • Effortless rolling and maneuvering,
  • Splash guards are included to protect the in-built stainless steel bearing,
  • Shock absorbing for a smoother ride, and
  • Eliminate wheel flat spotting or rapid wearing when used on non-slip flooring surfaces.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 11.5 cm


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