Our Story

At Abbott Storage Systems we have a long history in the warehousing and storage industry. A strong focus is on ‘Delivering Trusted Solutions’ according to our tagline. We have become a trusted brand in the storage industry as a result. So to this end, we ensure that each storage solution is tailored to every individual clients’ specific needs. As well as, focusing on the need for increased safety, productivity and efficiency.  Our achievements are built on our experience in the industry. We design and manage entire storage fit outs.

Most Warehouse Storage Projects Consist of:


An initial planning and space consultation session.


Installation of the storage and racking system.


Documents compiled and the handover of the project.

Our Story Begins - 1981

Our story begins as Abbott Industries in 1981. We were first set up as a producer of sheet metal storage cabinets. The use of these was mainly for commercial purposes and workshops. We placed a strong focus on catering to the industry in Western Australia.


Over the years, Abbott Industries grew strong ties to the storage industry. Not long after our beginnings, we began to extend our product range. We entered the industry of supplying warehouse storage solutions. After registering a new business name we soon became known as Abbott Shelving & Storage.


Abbott Shelving & Storage evolved over the years. Constantly adding new product lines to provide the warehouse industry. Eventually becoming known as Abbott Storage Systems. The name as we know it today. The brand image adapted in this time to reflect the industry we supply.


Abbott Storage Systems went through a third branding refresh. Our story involved revealing a new logo in early March 2016. The branding update helped us to understand our key strengths. Meanwhile, we launched a tagline to articulate our brand. This was based on the knowledge of:

  • the quality of work we could provide and as well as,
  • the importance of client relationships.

Our tagline of ‘Delivering Trusted Solutions’ underlies all that we do. In short, it covers the entire process of design, supply and installation services that we provide.


In early 2018, Abbott Storage Systems went through changes to the ownership. On the 1st July 2018, Abbott Storage Systems set up as trading from Paracella Pty Ltd (ABN 33 525 899 077). The changes led the way for an increase in growth for the business. And as well as, allowing us to better serve our clients.

2019 & Beyond

Over the years we have developed to serve the storage industry. We have become a known brand in the industry. Based on supplying turnkey warehouse storage systems.

We pride ourselves in providing quality storage products as well as solutions. Our head office based in Western Australia. Although we supply storage solutions and products to companies across Australia and Indonesia.

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