Safety Signs

We have a range of safety signs available. Our safety signs are higly visible and deliver a clear message.


We provide a genuine product warranty, protecting your safety signs products investment.


We offer a wide range of safety safety signs available in various materials and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Types Of Safety Signs

WS17053 - Safety Sign 450 x 300mm - Metal - Fire Extinguisher


Metal signs are ideal for use outdoors. All metal signs come with rounded corners and four corner mounting holes. Suitable for application to solid walls or for framed signage and visual message boards.


Our Polypropylene is a lightweight and rigid product. It has excellent chemical resistance, a high corona level and is recyclable. Polypropylene signs come with rounded corners and four drilled corner mounting holes. Best suited for on-site signage being mounted to a solid surface.
WS11083 - Safety Sign 450 x 300mm - Metal - Face Shield Must be Worn
WS15093 - Safety Sign 450 x 300mm - Metal - Emergency Assembly Area


Corflute is a lightweight, water-resistant polypropylene corrugated sheet that is recyclable. Corflute is a low-cost durable material most suitable for indoor use. This product also has excellent resistance to chemicals. It is more rigid than solid polypropylene but flexible enough to mount on slightly curved surfaces. Corflute signs can work for short-term outdoor use.


All sizes in mm unless otherwise stated.
Product CodeNameImageMaterialPriceQuantityBuy
WS13243Caution Forklifts In UseCaution Forklifts In UseMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS11083Face Shield Must Be Worn In This AreaFace Shield Must Be Worn In This AreaMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS11103Mask Must Be Worn In This AreaMask Must Be Worn In This AreaMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS11013Hearing And Eye ProtectionHearing And Eye ProtectionMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS11113Gloves Must Be Worn In This AreaGloves Must Be Worn In This AreaMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS14253Authorised Personnel OnlyAuthorised Personnel OnlyMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS14023No SmokingNo SmokingMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS11123Safety Footwear Must Be Worn In This AreaSafety Footwear Must Be Worn In This AreaMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS13463Chemical Storage AreaChemical Storage AreaMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS15103Emergency Shower EyewashEmergency Shower EyewashMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS12503Danger No Admittance To WorkshopDanger No Admittance To WorkshopMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS15013First AidFirst AidMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS15093Emergency Assembly AreaEmergency Assembly AreaMetal$35.20 inc. GST
WS17053Fire ExtinguisherFire ExtinguisherMetal$35.20 inc. GST
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