Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving is mainly used in retail stores as it is an ideal way of displaying your products, it’s popular in grocery, hardware and pharmacy stores. The shelving is available in a variety of heights, widths and depth configurations. The shelving can be accessorised in many ways including fully adjustable shelves with a provision of peg hooks for any hanging stock.

Gondola Shelving can be installed with either single or double bays, the systems can be tailored to your needs providing an effective and economical solution for displaying your products.

Gondola Finish

Powder Coat Finish

The shelving comes in a powder coat finish, with multiple colours to choose from either a black, white or cream finish. The premium powder coat finish creates a pleasant retail environment and no sharp edges.



All shelves are fully adjustable in height increments of 50mm. With each shelf level having a weight limit of 50kgs.



Hooks can be inserted into the shelving system to allow for hanging items to be displayed.

Gondola_Accessories_Parts Bins

Parts Trays

Gondola Shelving combined with plastic parts trays is a great way to store any small parts and components.

Why choose our Gondola Shelving system?



Gondola shelving can be configured as either a single or double-sided unit. The shelving system is available in a range of different heights, widths, and depths. This means that you have the ability to tailor the shelving system to maximise your available storage space, making your space more useful.



The gondola shelving system is an easy shelving system to assemble and install. The shelves have the ability to be adjusted at any time in 50mm increments. If you have expansion in mind, the shelving makes it easier to add additional units on later in time. Making the shelving tailored to your specific business needs.

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