Spill Kits

Spill Kits are an essential part of any workplace that stores or uses fuels, oils, non-aggressive liquids and chemicals.

Complete Solutions

Our range of spill kits include oil and fuel, general purpose, hazchem and marine.

Product Warranty

We provide a genuine product warranty, protecting your Spill Kit investment.

Types of Spill Kits

240L General Purpose Spill Kit

General Purpose

General Purpose Kits are suitable for absorbing all non-aggressive liquids that are oil and water based such as oils and fuels, solvents, coolants, mild chemicals and all water-based liquids. 
Proven performers in the field, our General Purpose Spill Kits are colour coded for easy identification in emergency situations.  They come with easy-to-follow instructions for cleaning up a wide range of substances.

Oil & Fuel

Oil & Fuel Kits are an excellent spill responder that will absorb any hydrocarbon spill such as petrol, diesel, fuel, solvents and oil, but repel water.  This makes them ideal for any Oil & Fuel Spill on land or water. 
All Oil & Fuel Spill Kits are clearly marked with colour-coded stickers for easy identification in emergencies and come with on-kit instructions and re-order forms. 

240L Oil and Fuel Spill Kit
240L Hazchem Spill Kit


Hazchem Kits are must-haves for compliance if you are storing chemicals. Specially formulated to absorb all chemicals and hazardous liquids and also make fast work of cleaning up all water-based chemicals.
All Hazchem Spill Kits are clearly marked with colour-coded stickers for easy identification in emergencies and come with easy-to-follow instructions for cleaning up a wide range of substances. 


Marine Kits are specifically designed to recover oil and fuel spills from water. Housed in durable bins, these mobile spill kits can be stored close to spill prone areas for immediate spill response.
Ideal for the control, containment and clean up of oil and fuel spills in ponds, damn, rivers, bays, harbours, and waterways, marine spill kits are the ideal solution when protecting jetties, shorelines and riverbanks from oil contamination.

240L Marine Spill Kit

Features & Accessories of Spill Kits

240L Oil and Fuel Refill Spill Kit - WS04220

Refill Kits

There are refill kits available for each of the Spill Kits that we have to offer. 


The Oil & Fuel Kit Pillows offer a high level of absorbency to soak up larger spills in concentrated areas. They can also be used for maintenance duties to absorb leaks and drips during servicing.

Made from the same robust materials as our other Oil & Fuel absorbents, these pillows are hydrophobic, selectively absorbing hydrocarbons while repelling water based liquids. These pillows are ideal for protecting storm water drains and other bodies of water.

Oil and Fuel Pillow 250mm x 250mm - WS00261
Oil and Fuel Miniboom 75mm x 1.2m - WS00241


The Oil & Fuel Kit Minibooms are a must for petroleum based liquid storage around bodies of water. Manufactured from heavy duty, robust materials, these hydrophobic absorbents will repel water while selectively absorbing hydrocarbons. These absorbents are a vital barrier to prevent water contamination.

They are designed as the first line of defence against spills. Once a spill has occurred, it must first be contained before fouling other stock, contaminating other liquids or entering a storm water drain. Minibooms are this initial barrier, placed at the edge of the spill to stop and absorb the liquid flow from progressing further.

Absorbent Rolls

The Oil & Fuel Kit Absorbent Rolls offer the same effective absorbent qualities of our absorbent pads in the convenient form of a continuous roll.

They caters to a wide range of applications, as varying lengths can be obtained. Small perforated segments can be used for small spot leaks and spills, while endless lengths can be used for wide reaching spills or long spill catchment mats for maintenance tasks.

These rolls feature our hydrophobic oil & fuel absorbent material, which will absorb hydrocarbon based liquids, while repelling water.

WS00251 - Oil & Fuel Absorbent Roll 410mm X 61M 200gsm
380gsm Oil and Fuel Pads 100 Pack - WS00231


The Oil & Fuel Kits Pad Packs are a hydrophobic absorbent, ideal for absorbing hydrocarbons, while repelling water. Perfect for small spills and leaks. They are the specialist absorbency option in hydrocarbon spill control. As part of our hydrophobic line of absorbents, these pads selectively absorb hydrocarbons while repelling water based liquids, ideal for protecting storm water drains and removing oil and fuel from bodies of water.

High absorption rates allow this material to become a temporary containment barrier to smaller spills and an effective cleanup tool for larger spills once they have been contained.


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