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For your warehouse to comply with the Australian Standard AS4084-2012, you are required to have warehouse racking safety audits on a regular basis.

“Racking inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least every twelve months”.

Warehouse racking safety audits are all about the protection and safety of your employees, equipment and also your investment.

How does Abbott conduct Warehouse Racking Safety Audits and also report on damages?
The steps of a racking safety audit include:
• A visual site examination and assessment of damage, certification, and compliance with the Australian Standards, conducted by a trained and experienced inspector.
• In conclusion of a warehouse racking safety examination, a compliance report will be compiled. The report will include a breakdown list of the risk assessment and any damage assessed while conducting the audit.
• A proposal including recommendations and also corrective actions is provided by the inspector.
• The next step is corrective actions to remedy damages reported are carried out.

Risk assessment is separated into one of the 3 categories below
Green – Acceptable damage. It is within tolerable limits – although it will require monitoring.
– Hazardous damage. Requires unloading and corrective action to be completed within 4 weeks.
Red – Very serious damage. Requires unloading and corrective action to be taken immediately.

You may have modified your racking structure since it was installed or your last audit. If this is the case with your business you need to ensure that a qualified inspector verifies the modifications against the Standards and the racking structure is still safe to use. Modifications to a racking structure can result in having to adjust the load ratings on the safe working load signs. Contact us if your racking has been modified but not inspected for compliance with the Australian Standards.

At Abbott Storage Systems, we care about your safety, therefore, we can assist your company to comply with the Australian Standards and give you peace of mind.

At Abbott Storage Systems, we care about your safety, therefore, we can assist your company to comply with the Australian Standards and give you peace of mind.

Companies that have entrusted their warehouse safety to Abbott:

Why choose Abbott to conduct your warehouse racking safety audits?


At Abbott Storage Systems the safety of your staff is one of our top priorities. While conducting an audit any unsafe racking is noted. If you aren’t putting enough attention into your warehouse safety it can lead to a significant cost. The cost to your business won’t only be a monetary value but could also include lives. Your employees make up your business and you are responsible for their safety when inside your warehouse. When we are conducting warehouse racking safety audits we assess your racking compliance with the Australian Standard AS4084-2012. As a result, we do all we can to ensure the ongoing safety of your staff and the prevention of any injury.


Warehouse racking safety audits conducted by Abbott certify with the Australian Standards; being administered by an experienced auditor. This is to ensure your peace of mind that your warehouse racking is certified and complies with the Standards. In conclusion of the racking audit, we will supply your company with a warehouse racking compliance report. The report provides an overview of any corrective actions required and recommendations.
To ensure warehouses’ ongoing compliance, it’s a requirement of the Australian Standard to carry out a racking audit at least once a year.


When conducting warehouse racking safety audits it provides an opportunity to identify new or improved ways to use your warehouse floor space effectively. In improving your floor space it will enhance many aspects of your warehouse in addition to boosting your warehouse productivity. It is a difficult task to find ways to maximise your warehouse floor space, so when conducting an audit we also analyse your warehouse layout. A result of not fully utilising warehouse floor space is inefficiencies in your operations. In addition to our audits, we can help in improving the efficiency of your warehouse.


Many companies assume that warehouse racking safety audits are expensive, while there is a value involved in this statement isn’t entirely correct. Conducting an audit it is an investment in the prevention of further costs to your company from damages to the racking and storage within your warehouse. In addition to the safety of your warehouse and staff, an audit provides the opportunity to identify any financial savings that may be overlooked in your warehouse currently. Therefore an audit is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your warehouse.

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