Storage Cabinet Shelf Grey

The Extra Shelf comes with four (4) Shelf Clips.

$45.10 inc. GST

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The Storage Cabinet Shelf Grey adds extra shelf levels to your cabinet. The shelves include the 4 clips that are required per shelf level.

Orbit Storage Cabinets are the standard storage furniture for a wide range of environments, from education institutions use to the home usage. A strong versatile shelving unit with lockable doors. Cost-effective, efficient and good looking. This style of cupboards has been around for years and will continue for years to come.

The Storage Cabinets gives you the option of storage or filing through height adjustable steel shelves, the doors are fitted with 3 point locking and a reinforced channel for that extra bit of security, with the option to add additional shelf levels with an extra Storage Cabinet Shelf Grey. The modular all steel construction of the Storage Cabinets combined with a great environmentally friendly powder coat will not look out of place in whatever situation you put it.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 91 × 39 × 3 cm


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